Lyteran Police Force

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Lyteran Police Force
Established 2020


Country Kingdom of Lytera
Nicknames LPF
General nature Gendarmerie
Civilian police
Specialist jurisdictions Paramilitary law enforcement, border patrol, counter insurgency, and riot control.
Head of State HRH Queen Amelia I
Director Thomas Q.
General information
Headquarters St. Cavendish

The Lyteran Police Force is the country's law enforcement force, which performs policing and border patrol functions.

History and role

On 7 November 2020, Queen Amelia I abolished the military of Lytera after numerous corruption issues and anti-democratic actions. The main duty of the police is law enforcement. Maintaining public order and the prevention and investigation of crimes are other high-priority duties. As part of maintaining public order, police officers are used for border control purposes.

The head of the Lyteran Police is the Director, appointed by the Queen. The Director is accountable to the Minister of Justice and must regularly report to the Attorney General.

Each town, city and territory has a local police force. Inspectors may recruit others into the police force to assist them in their policing duties. They have the rank of Constable, but if a police force consists of more than three people then the Inspector may bestow the rank of Officer on their deputy.

The current branches are as follows:


  • Director
  • Chief Inspector
  • Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Constable