Lyteran Police Force

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Lyteran Police Force
Established 2020

Country Kingdom of Lytera
Other Names LPF
Lyteran Gendarmerie
Nicknames LPF
General nature Gendarmerie
Civilian police
Specialist jurisdictions Paramilitary law enforcement, border patrol, counter insurgency, and riot control.
Head of State HRH Queen Amelia I
Marshal Toby Q.
General information
Headquarters St. Cavendish

The Lyteran Gendarmerie (Lyteran Police Force) is one of two national law enforcement forces of Lytera, along with the LNIA. The Gendarmerie is placed under the jurisdiction of the Queen.

History and role

On 7 November 2020, Queen Amelia I abolished the military of Lytera after numerous corruption issues and anti-democratic actions. The Gendarmerie's missions spans three categories Administrative police, upholding public order, safety checks and traffic controls, assistance to people in imminent danger, protection duties, etc. Judicial police, handling penal law enforcement and investigation of crimes and felonies Military and defense missions, including military police for the armed forces


Formerly, the LPF was very regional, with only a Director to oversee it. The old ranks, shown below, were in place from 2020-2023.

  • Director
  • Chief Inspector
  • Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Constable

In 2023, the LPF was reformed to give a more rigid structure, falling in line with NATO standards, and also becoming more centralized. Director Thomas Q. resigned as a result of this change. Officers undergo basic training in both policing and armed conflict training in order to be made a Constable. As Ordinary Ranks overlap, those considered to be in the upper section of their rank are permitted to style themselves with the prefix of Senior (So a Senior Constable would be OR-6) but there is no technical difference. Ordinary Ranks have a Fleur-de-lis and rank stripes on their shoulder pads. OF-7 and OF-8 have a P. OA has a star and the letter A. OF-1 to OF-4 have the same, but with an added star. OF-5 to OF-10 use a crown as well, and do away with multiple stripes in favor of different colors. The monarch, whilst lacking any formal military-police rank, serves as the head of the LPF and has ultimate say, though most control is delegated over to the appointed Marshal.

On January 25, Gwen A. was forced to step down as Marshal after a charge of Gross Misconduct was filed against her, but this was later revoked and she was reinstated as leader. On June 14, another charge of Gross Misconduct was filed against Gwen, and with new evidence on both the old and new Misconduct, she was dismissed on June 16th, and a court trial is planned.

Rank Table
LPF Abbreviation NATO Equivalent
Deputy Constable DC OR-1/OR-2
Deputy Constable 1st Class DC-1 OR-3/OR-4
Constable CON OR-5/OR-6
Chief Constable CC OR-5/OR-6
Petty Officer PO OR-7/OR-8
Aspirant CAD OA
Sub-Lieutenant SLT OF-1
Lieutenant LT OF-2
Captain CPT OF-3
Commandant CMD OF-4
Lieutenant-Colonel LCO OF-5
Colonel COL OF-6
Brigadier BRG OF-7
Major MGE OF-8
General GEN OF-9
Marshal MAR OF-10
Overall Leader
Name Service Monarch Served Under
Thomas Q. 7 Nov 2020 - 9 Jan 2023
793 days
As Director
Queen Amelia I
Gwen A. 9 Jan 2023 - 25 Jan 2023
16 days
As Marshal
Queen Amelia I
Matthew B. 25 Jan 2023 - 5th Feb 2023
11 days
As Marshal (Temporary Apointment)
Queen Amelia I
Gwen A. 5th Feb 2023 - 16th Jun 2023
131 days
As Marshal
Queen Amelia I
Toby Q. 16 Jun 2023 - Present
100 days
As Marshal (Temporary Apointment)
Queen Amelia I
The Gendarmerie Ranks