Royal Lyteran News

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The Royal Lyteran News

The frontpage of the Royal Lyteran News, 22/04/21
Format Online
Type News website
Founded 11 April 2019
Political allegiance Monarchist
State Media
Language(s) English
Published on Wordpress (link)
Distributed in Internationally (focused on Lytera)
Editor Amelia I

The Royal Lyteran News, also known as TRLN for short, is an Lyteran periodic newspaper published on Wordpress. It is the only major source of news which focuses on Lytera, though occasionally focuses on other Micronations, Macronations and Events.


The Royal Lyteran News was founded on 11 April 2019 by Amelia I, the Monarch of Lytera. Prior to this, the only source of news which focused on Lytera was through State Press Conferences and word of mouth, owing to its isolationist and small size.

The Lyteran Times is privately owned by its creator the Monarch, who writes and publishes its articles in their capacity as its editor, with critics bringing up the sometimes noticeable bias present in posts, which have been refuted as it's a state paper and if they have issues to "make their own papers". The first article published was the announcement of it's creation, with the first proper announcement being on honorary citizenship. Until 2021, it was the sole source of government interaction, though since the founding of the official twitter this has changed. It's first breakout article was it's covering of the internal situation of the 2019 Organisation Of Active Micronations, and was approved as an accredited media in February 2020.


  • Amelia I (11 April 2019 – present)
  • Izzy L. (2021–present)
  • Kara D. (2022–present)