Lyteran National Intelligence Agency

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Lyteran National Intelligence Agency
Established 2010


Country Kingdom of Lytera
Nicknames LNIA
Special Operations Squad
Pink Berets
Previous engagements The Great Ruislip War
Lyteran War of the Crown
Fall Karminrot
Fall Schwartz
Current engagements None
Head of State Amelia I
Director Izzy L.
General information
Headquarters St. Cavendish
Active personnel Classified

The Pink Berets

The Lyteran National Intelligence Agency (LNIA), famously known as The Pink Berets due to their former iconic pink uniforms, and less commonly known as Vanilla, is both the Lyteran Marines and Intelligence Agency, focusing on counter-espionage and anti-hacking. Formerly being apart of the Lyteran Armed Forces until it's dissolution, the LNIA has been involved in many of Lytera's crisis, acting for the King. Most of the information relating to their activities are kept classified by the government with few documents released regarding their jobs.

Candidates are hand picked from private sources and the Lyteran Police Force with a simple three-tier ranking system of Lieutenant, Captain and Director, linking back to the original group founded during the Republic of Clubhausia.