Ruislip Tetrarchy

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The Ruislip Tetrarchy (Now more commonly referred to as the Ruislip Sector or Realm, and formerly the Dual States) is the term used primarily between 2008 to 2014 to describe the sector of micronations based mainly in and around the British town of South Ruislip. The term used has changed over the years, with Tetrarchy the most popular, referring to the huge amounts of micronations that existed in 2014, the big 4 being Lytera, Clubhausia, Lorentia and Fizona. Prior to the collapse of Clubhausia, the term 'Dual States' was used more, referring to Lytera's relation to the nation. Since the collapse of all of it's neighbours, Lytera uses the term "Sector" to describe the modern day area, with realm being also used as a substitute.

The members typically considered to be members of the Tetrarchy are:

Due to the Great Ruislip War, many warlords claimed land formerly owned by the Clubhausian government. They are summarised on the Ruislip Warlords page, as there is little known about most.


In 2008, a group of friends from Bourne Primary School discovered a hidden alcove in a giant row of hedges at Stonefield park, which bordered their school. For a few days, it just became a small hobby, until they decided to create their own laws. This was the founding of Clubhausia. The government was a parliament style, where a majority vote won deals, and everyone was equal. In 2010, Lytera was unofficially founded. It existed in a personal union with Clubhausia for many years. It’s foundational differences were that it was a monarchy, it only ruled Amelia’s home, and it was subject to none of Clubhausia’s laws. Amelia stayed on the Clubhausia council, and continued to renovate the place. Trees were felled by the joint effort of the seven, benches and other useful features were fashioned out of the rubble in the area. This time period is seen as the Golden Age of Micronationalism in Ruislip.


Political Turmoil between the most important Clubhausian's caused the collapse of the Republic of Clubhausia, with both the Empire of Lorentia and the Republic of Fizona declaring independence. The article on the Great Ruislip War goes into detail on this, and it, while a violent conflict, was the point where the largest amount of Micronations existed in Ruislip, though most of them did not recognise each other as nations. By the end of the war, and the subsequent 2015 treaty and 2016 brief skirmish, the area of Clubhausia's capital was a ruin.


The period between July 2016 and August 2017 is seen as the Dark Ages of the region. Lytera existed, in a dormant state, whilst all of it's neighbours collapsed into oblivion. Renewed micronation interest from Grand Duke Matthew and Amelia, the latter a founder of Clubhausia and important figure in the Great Ruislip War, led to the fateful day in August, where the Kingdom of Lytera was officially revived, with Matthew proclaiming himself king. His short, tyranical reign is covered by the Lyteran War of the Crown in more detail.


Lytera's history as a reformed and rebuilt nation can be found on it's own page. The Ruislip Tetrarchy's area of control, Stonefield Park, fell back into anarchy after the war ended. The teachings and ways of Clubhausia were passed down through the school at the time, with many of the former Year 3's who were closely linked with the CLubhausian Government in Exile now being members of the Lyteran Army. In 2019, Queen Amelia visited the site of the former Clubhausian capital for remembrance. The ruins were noted to have been untouched a great deal since the war, with nature having begun to retake it over. Under a royal decree, the former capital area (thoguh not the rest of Stonefield) was designated a Lyteran Cultural Site, and incorporated as the Clubhaus Memorial Ground. In 2020, the last students known to have had definite contact with the combatants of the Great Ruislip War, the Reception Students, are to finish Primary, and the Clubhausian culture in the area is expected to go extinct. It is unknown if any of the Nursery students had contact with the combatants of the Great Ruislip War, though if they did, they will leave in 2021, though the stories of Clubhausia and it's neighbours are expected to last in tales told by the Teachers of the school.

In 2020, with the establishment of the Principality of Pelkesa, the membership of the region grew for the first time since 2015.