Daniel of Clubhausia

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The Peacemaker
Council Member of Clubhausia
In office
2008 – 27 July 2015
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Leader of the Clubhausia Exiled Government
In office
2008 – 12 December 2013
Personal details
Born2003 (age 20–21)
Hillingdon, UK w:United Kingdom

Daniel "the Peacemaker", also known as Daniel, was an influential member of the Ruislip Tetrarchy, and the only member of Clubhausia to stick with it until the end. He formed the Clubhausia Exiled Goverment after being kicked out of the Clubhaus and stayed out of the war, insisting they were still the legal ruler, but unrecognised by anyone.

Daniel joined as one of the founders of the Republic, and was seen as the binding force of the group. Everyone liked him, and his witty and funny behaviour made him the best spokesman for the nation. His absence from school in December 2013 due to leg issues led to the Great Ruislip War, as no one else had the guts to talk back to Zoe or John. He alerted Lorentian officials to the kidnapping of Ellie of CLubhausia by the Rohan Horde but could not assist due to his legs. However, it led to Fizona and Lorentia working together for the first time. During the final Battle of Bourne, he led the warlords to help relieve the Clubhaus Memorial Ground, which had been sacked by a Fizonian occupation, and then brokered the truce. After mediating the Peace Talks in 2015, Daniel retired from Micronationalism.