Nikola of Clubhausia

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Nikola of Clubhausia
Senator of the Republic of Clubhausia
In office
c.2008 – 4 Janurary 2014
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded byPosition Abolished
Personal details
BornSeptember 2002 (age 21)
Poland w:Poland

Nikola was an influential member of the Ruislip Tetrarchy and a senator of the Clubhausia until it's collapse.

Nikola was the head of The Ministry of Culture until Clubhausia collapsed. She was the only Polish speaker on the council, but represented a Large Polish ethic group at Bourne. When Clubhausia collapsed, she stayed out of the chaos, becoming an unofficial Guirlzi Clique informant. During the final Battle of Bourne, she assisted Daniel in relieving Clubhaus Memorial Ground, which had been sacked by a Fizonian occupation, and then brokered the truce. She attended the peace talks in 2015, but stayed out of the talks, citing the fact she had been a citizen of the UK since 2014.