Clubhausia Exiled Goverment

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Clubhausian Government In Exile
Flag of Clubhausia Exiled Goverment
CapitalThe Clubhaus (claimed)
The Old Stonefield Playground
Official languagesEnglish
• President
Daniel of Clubhausia
CurrencyPound sterling (£)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Clubhausia

After the collapse of Clubhausia, Daniel led the few who didn't join the Empire of Lorenia or the Republic of Fizona or made their own warlord nation to the playground. It was here he kept a policy of isolation, trying to get the Kingdom of Lytera, Clubhausia's former personal union partner, to back them. As Lytera was pursuing the same path, they declined a response.

Clubhausia stayed out of the war for the most part, they did, however, take part in the Rescue of Ellie alongside Lorentia, Fizona and Lytera against the Rohan Horde, and during the Battle of Bourne, allied briefly to Lorentia to repel Fizona's attack on the Clubhaus, but couldn't prevent it's destruction. After, they brokered the seize fire at Fizona's capital, the Football Pitch, and led the Treaty talks a year later. After the talks were over, with none of the members going to the school close to Stonefield park, Clubhausia collapsed into memory.


The Government is Exile is remembered fondly for being neutral, and for only taking part in two fights, with both as rescue and humanitarian efforts. The brokering of peace showed how the people of Clubhausia were respected, even then after everything that had happened.

The only vestiges of Clubhausia's existence after the Great Ruislip War were mostly destroyed. With most of it's former lands being claimed by warlords in the war and then abandoned, the culture of Clubhausia was purged from existence. However, while heavily damaged, the capital survived the war, but was left to rot. The ruins were examined by Lyteran Officials in 2019, and were designated a Cultural site and annexed as the territory of Clubhausia.