Craig of Clubhausia

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Craig of Clubhausia
Council Member 2008 -
4 Janurary 2014
( C. 2196 days)
Coronation 2008
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Position Abolished
Born November 2002 (age 17)
Hillingdon, UK Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Occupation Student
Religion Athiest

Craig was a member of the Ruislip Tetrarchy and a senator of the Clubhausia until it's collapse.

Craig was in charge of security, but even beforeThe Great Ruislip War was known to abuse the position, often using extreme violence. He took advantage of the Great War to do his own thing, scavenging what he could, staying by himself. However, during the final Battle of Bourne, he assisted Daniel in relieving Clubhaus Memorial Ground, which had been sacked by a Fizonian occupation, and then brokered the truce. He attended the peace talks in 2015, but stayed out of the talks, citing the fact he had been a citizen of the UK since 2014.