Empire of Lorentia

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Empire of Lorentia

CapitalThe Clubhaus
Official languagesEnglish
• Emperor (Il Duce)
CurrencyPound sterling (£)
Preceded by
Republic of Clubhausia

After the Republic of Fizona declared independence after a huge argument with John, Emperor of Lorentia, John went into damage control. He decreed that the Republic of Clubhausia needed a strong leader for the time, proposing emergency powers and the position of chancellor for himself. When this vote failed, the death of Clubhausia followed. John declared Lorentia as an independent nation, backed with the support of many. They claimed the Clubhaus and forced Clubhausia out, causing the formation of the Clubhausia Exiled Goverment

Lorentia focused on destroying Fizona, with systematic cleanups of the many warlord nations that declared independence from Clubhausia. This led many Warlords to work more with Fizona, who promised them autonomy once the war was over. Lorentia only worked once with Fizona, where the two put aside their differences to Ellie of CLubhausia rescue their mutual friend from the Rohan Horde

The war remained a stalemate until the interception of the ‘StonePark Telegram’, a message from Fizona to the many warlords promising them high positions in power in exchange for destroying not only Lorentia but Lytera gave Lorentia a new ally in the form of Lytera. Modern historians are unsure if the Telegram was forged by Lorentia, or actually from Fizona, but it led to Lytera joining The Great Ruislip War on Lorentia's side. The final day of school saw an all out Fizonian attack on Lorentia, but the war was stopped by Daniel of Clubhausia who brokered a truce. Many war plans for a 'Continuation War' (Letzer Kreig) in Lorentian documents were planned, but never happened.

At the 2015 School Reunion, Lorentian officials were shocked to see Lytera being friendly to Fizona. In the year apart, with Fizona and Lytera's leaders attending the same school, the two had reconciled. With the Treaty of Bourne signed, ending the war with no gains for anyone, as everyone had to give up claims to the Stonefield region, Lorentia saw this as a betrayal, and in 2016 at the next meetup, attempted to attack Amelia, blaming him. They lost, however, and with that, Lorentia collapsed.


Lorentia's public opinion is mixed. As Queen Amelia once put it:

"They wanted a strong government, but their inability to work with others who didn't agree with them completely made this impossible. "

They are primarily responsible for the elimination of Clubhausian and Warlord culture. Ironically, Lorentia lacks any physical culture left, aside from some items in the Clubhaus part of the territory of Clubhausia. Even then, more Clubhausian culture exists inside, as Fizona intentionally destroyed all of Lorentia's items inside, including the Lorentian Throne during their capture of the capital during the Battle of Bourne. Due to their lack of acceptance for other cultures, their own didn't survive, as they made no effort to spread their word peacefully.