St. Cavendish

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St. Cavendish
Imperial Residance
Imperial Residance
Country Kingdom of Lytera
Administrative RegionGreater Cavendish
Settled3 November 2000
19 June 2017
Council2 Members
 • BodyAbsolute Monarchy
 • QueenAmelia I
 • Total0.00106 km2 (0.00041 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)  0.07 %%
 • Total6
Time zoneUTC+00:00 (UTC)
Capital city of Lytera

St.Cavendish is the capital of Lytera, and a part of the Greater Cavendish Province.



The early days of Lytera saw little action or events at the capital, with most of Lytera's deals being conducted at Clubhaus, the capital of Clubhausia, their senior partner in their personal union. As such, it saw no fighting in the Great Ruislip War. In 2017 during the Lyteran War of the Crown, the capital saw all the combat, with damage taken to the architecture of the Royal Gardens.


After the war, Lytera was split into Three duchies, overseen by the family of Queen Amelia I. In 2018, The Duchy of The Royal Gardens was split into three, making the Koi Lakes and Shedland. In 2019, the contested area of the Duchy of Alieway was fully occupied. On August 19, the status of the Duchies was revoked though the titles were allowed to be kept. Shedland was allowed to remain as an autonomous part of the capital. This autonomous status lasted until October 15, where Shedland was re-annexed into St. Cavendish after a plot to overthrow the King led by Duke Matthew and potentially the military was discovered.


Imperial Residence

The Imperial Residence, also known as the 'Cavendish Palace', is the residency of the King and some of the Royal Family. The house was built between 1935-1938 (according to map data) to cope with Ruislip's swelling population, brought about by the Metropolitan Train being connected in the 1900s. Before this, a farm existed roughly where the property stands, called the Hundred Acre Farm, which had existed since at least 1894. The house was owned by a man named John, who made a lot of extensions from the original design, until 2001, where the house was brought by the Royal Family.

The Imperial Residence consists of a four-bedroomed house and it's front drive, with the back door leading to the rest of St. Cavendish. The term "Imperial Residence" is usually used to refer specifically to the house itself, which contains fourteen rooms:

Court Hall

Court Hall is the largest room in the Imperial Residence,used for dining and social events. It's name comes from it's common use as a court, due to the table's shape. This, along with the Royal Kitchen, may be getting renovated in the future.

Hall of Mirror

The Hall of Mirror, on the ground floor, is a room which derives its name from a mirror. It has been nicknamed a 'discount Hall of Mirrors' in comparison to the Palace of Versailles.

Royal Kitchen

The Royal Kitchen, on the ground floor, is used for meal making for the Royal Family and visiting guests.

Vert Room

The Vert Room, on the ground floor, is used as the sitting-room of Duchess Helen and Duke Robert.

Gules Room

The Gules Room, on the ground floor, is used as the sitting-room of Duke Michael and Duchess Karen, with Duke Matthew's computer also residing in the room.

The Royal Study

The Study, on the ground floor, is used as the office of Amelia I, and has her computer and tea-making set in it, along with a section of the Royal Library.

The Royal Staircase

The Staircase is the central room of the House, spanning across two floors, the lower level being the Hall of Mirror, the upper being know as the Grand Staircase.

Royal Quarters

The Royal Quarters on thefirst floor, is the official residence of the Queen of Lytera. It is also, begrudgingly, the residence of Duke Matthew, and both have voiced discontent at the sharing of rooms situation. It contains the Lyteran Library and the Royal Lyteran Museum.

Quarters of the Azure

The residence of Duke Michael and Duchess Karen, this room is the largest on the first floor.

Quarters of Duke Robert

The residence of Duke Robert.

Quarters of Helen

The residence of Helen.

Royal Bathrooms

The smaller one is on the ground floor, with the larger one on the first floor. Its functions are in accordance with its name.

Royal Attic

This room is comprised of the loft space in the roof of the house. It is used for storage, and formerly as a 'secret' meeting space.


Shedland is the furthest south area of Lytera protected by it's defensive wall, and contains two buildings. The larger of the two buildings stores the nations bikes and airforce weapons, while the smaller contains supplies for food. Parts of the Bloody Revolution occurred inside and around it. In more recent years, the area has become Lytera's Military HQ, owing to its location and closeness to Koi Lake.

Koi Lake

This area was constructed as a personal project by Duke Robert, and holds a plethora of fish, primarily Koi. It's stood since 2010 and formerly held the Lyteran Navy from 2017 to 2020.

Imperial Royal Gardens

This area is another of Duke Robert's passions, though was maintained by High Regent Marion before her retirement and later death. The centrepiece of the gardens is the plum tree, that provides fresh fruit in the summer. Most of the Bloody Revolution occurred here, though the scars can no longer be seen.


A area formerly contested between Lytera and the United Kingdom, Lytera formerly only controlled the northern end of the Alieway area. Their lack of control in the region left the area the worst place to be, but on May 1, 2019, Queen Amelia I began plans to annex the rest of the territory, to not only grow in size, but to improve the area. On the 10th of May, 2019, the King proceeded to march into the rest of Alieway and occupied the rest of the area, the formal land annexation being declared on the 11th.

Count/Countess of Cavendish

A position created for Bailey, the position of Count/Countess of Cavendish acts as the defender of the capital from 'All non-human threats'. The position is a life-peerage, with the position being re-selected on the current holders death. While other animals live at the Household, they weren't owned at the time of the title's creation, and are deemed 'unsuitable for the position' due to their smaller, defenceless size.

List of Position-Holders

Guardian Portrait Birth Death Notes
12 November 2008 – 30 June 2023
(5208 days)
12 November 2008
30 June 2023


Climate data for St. Cavendish
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7
Average low °C (°F) 2
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