St. Cavendish

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St. Cavendish
—  City  —
Imperial Residance
Country Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera
Administrative Region Greater Cavendish
Settled 3 November 2000
Established 2010
19 June 2017
Council 1 Member
 - Body Absolute Monarchy
 - King HHRM King Alexander I
 - Total 0.00106 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 6.57e-6 km2 (0 sq mi)  0.07 %%
Population (2019)
 - Total 6
Demonym Lyteran
Time zone UTC (UTC+00:00)
Postcode LY1
Capital city of Lytera

St.Cavendish is the capital of Lytera, and a part of the Greater Cavendish Province.



The early days of Lytera saw little action or events at the capital, with most of Lytera's deals being conducted at Clubhaus, the capital of Clubhausia, their senior partner in their personal union. As such, it saw no fighting in The Great Ruislip War. In 2017 during the Lyteran War of the Crown, the capital saw all the combat, with damage taken to the architecture of the Royal Gardens.


After the war, Lytera was split into Three duchies, overseen by the family of King Alexander. In 2018, The Duchy of The Royal Gardens was split into three, making the Koi Lakes and Shedland. In 2019, the contested area of the Duchy of Alieway was fully occupied. On August 19th, the status of the Duchies was revoked though the titles were allowed to be kept. Shedland was allowed to remain as an autonomous part of the capital. This autonomous status lasted until October 15th, where Shedland was re-annexed into St. Cavendish after a plot to overthrow the King led by Duke Matthew and potentially the military was discovered.


Imperial Residence

This is the official household of the Royal Family, and the only inhabited area of St. Cavendish. Parts of the Bloody Revolution occurred inside.


Shedland is the furthest south area of Lytera protected by it's defensive wall, and contains two buildings. The larger of the two buildings stores the nations bikes and airforce weapons, while the smaller contains supplies for food. Parts of the Bloody Revolution occurred inside and around it. In more recent years, the area has become Lytera's Military HQ, owing to its location and closeness to Koi Lake.

Koi Lake

This area was constructed as a personal project by Duke Robert, and holds a plethora of fish, primarily Koi. It's unveiling happened to coincide with the day of the revolution. HMS Bayliss floats above the waves tethered to the side. While not meant for swimming in, the water is clean, and well maintained. Parts of the Bloody Revolution occurred on the land that would become Koi Lake.

Imperial Royal Gardens

This area is another of Duke Robert's passions, though was maintained by High Regent Marion before her retirement and later death. The centrepiece of the gardens is the plum tree, that provides fresh fruit in the summer. Most of the Bloody Revolution occurred here, though the scars can no longer be seen.


A area formerly contested between Lytera and the United Kingdom, Lytera formerly only controlled the northern end of the Alieway area. Their lack of control in the region left the area the worst place to be, but on May 1, 2019, King Alexander I began plans to annex the rest of the territory, to not only grow in size, but to improve the area. On the 10th of May, 2019, the King proceeded to march into the rest of Alieway and occupied the rest of the area, the formal land annexation being declared on the 11th.