Prince Matthew of Pelkesa

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Prince Matthew
Prince of Pelkesa
Below: Matthew with Baron Joe of Lytera, 2019

Prince of Pelkesa
Reign 26 November 2020 - Present
Coronation 27 November 2020
Predecessor Position Established
King of Lytera
Reign 19 August 2017 - 21 August 2017 ( 2 days)
Duke of Shedland
Reign 21 August 2018 - 15 October 2019 ( 421 days)
20 October 2019 - 26 November 2020 ( 402 days)
House House of Banks
Father Michael, Duke of The Imperial Residence
Mother Karen, Duchess of The Imperial Residence
Born 19 August 2007 (Age 12)
Hillingdon, UK Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Occupation Student
Religion Athiest

Prince Matthew was the first true Monarch of the Kingdom of Lytera and is the Prince of the Principality of Pelkesa. He was previously a Grand Duke under the regency council, but proclaimed his status as King on his tenth birthday. After a short and bloody reign, he was ousted in a coup. For a year, he was a disgraced member of the family, though had began to be more accepted. This improved relations was first shown with his reinstatement of a royal title by the King, and lasted until August of 2019, where relations quickly soured, leading to an attempted coup plot being discovered. However, this coup was revealed to be a framed plot, and his titles were restored, but not his lands. In November 2020 after the Crisis, he was made Prince of Pelkesa in an unclaimed field nearby to be free to make his own choices.

Early life

Matthew was born in London on the 19th of August, 2007. The younger sibling, he was nicer in his youth, so when Alex decreed the Kingdom's formation, he became Grand Duke along with his brother. For almost seven years the two thought on and off about the nation, thinking it as a silly pass time and a joke. As he grew up, he became a lot more snobbish, and was thoroughly spoilt.

King for A Day

Matthew proclaimed he was the sole ruler on his 10th birthday in front of an audience of his cousins and his brother. The events of his short reign are documented in The Lyteran War of the Crown.

Disgrace and Return

Matthew lost his titles and lands as a result of the civil war. However, he still accompanied the royal family on trips to other nations. On the one year anniversary of the civil war, Matthew was pardoned, and his lands and title returned, though he still has no claim to the royal throne. On the 13th of May, he attempted to Assault the King, but failed. On August 1st, he was given a seat on the Royal Council.

The Octoberist Plot & Pelkesa

The King and the Duke's relations worsened as the year went on, and by October, reports came in that the Duke was planning to use his autonomous region of Shedland as a jumping point for a coup with the military's backing. After consulting his nations allies, Alex had Matthew stripped of his titles and arrested, facing surprisingly low resistance. This low resistance was revealed to be due to his innocence during the court case, where it was discovered he was blackmailed by a British citizen named only as 'Nathan'.

On January 12th, 2020, Matthew was appointed as Lytera's second delegate to the GUM, this position lasted until February 7th, where he was removed from his seat after a dispute with the Monarch over a proposed elected cabinet, but was re-appointed. On June 28th after an argument over the Lyteran Democratic Alliance and it's control of the Lyteran Armed Forces, Matthew was suspended of all his military titles and his party suspended from running until an investigation could be conducted. In The November Crisis he fought against the Lyteran Government, but reached a deal - establishing the Principality of Pelkesa, independent of Lytera but under it's protection, with all foreign policy and defence to be conducted through Lytera.

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