Lyteran Unexplored National Agency

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Lyteran Unexplored National Agency
Motto Quis non videre potest videri (Anyone can see it)
Anthem "Gay Activity - Clive Richardson"

Establishment 1 February 2020 (6 Apollion 2528)
Oversight Ministry of Culture
Director Duke Michael
Headquarters St. Cavendish
Affliation Lytera
Next Planned Launch Unknown
Flights 0
Current Program(s)
  • Selene Project
  • Heilos Project
Employees 4

The Lyteran Unexplored National Agency (LUNA) is the Kingdom of Lytera's exploration programme, designed to research unexplored parts of Earth and Space. As most of Earth is explored, this primarily covers space exploration, but to a lesser degree Antarctic and Seafloor exploration. It's Director is Duke Michael.

Similar to most micronational space agencies, LUNA also trains in and utilises software such as Kerbal Space Program, Galacticraft and No Man's Sky.

The agency is headquartered in St Cavendish. Due to the heavily built up area around the capital, physical launches are almost impossible, and most of Lytera suffers from this. As such, most space related missions are theoretical or offering support and advice to other agencies.


Promised as part of the 14 point programme, the creation was rushed through in February upon the discovery of youtuber MrBeast announced that it was possible to buy image space on the Peregrine Mission 1 Lunar Lander. Going to the moon would be a first for many micronations, and as such, Lytera followed suit with other nations, drawing up the Selene (Stylised in Roman Numerals) Project to secure a place. Notably, whilst designing the agency, it was decided due to Lytera's limited space for exploring up that instead it would also focus on parts of the Earth that remained unexplored, such as the sea floor (20%) and Antarctica, which whilst completely mapped is a scientific hub of knowledge.

In addition to the three main divisions, a sub-division for photography exists - mainly to colourise images from the Moon and Mars. It's first image colourised was the Mars Landing of Perseverance.


Linking to the Lyteran calendar, projects are named after Greek Gods, with a focus on the non-Olympian ones. At the moment, this consists of Project Selene and Project Heilos. Selene is for Lunar Exploration, and Heilos is for Earth high altitude exploration. Further plans for the two sub-divisions have not yet been unveiled.


Due to Lytera's geographical position, in all but one of it's towns launches are almost impossible to perform. As such, no rocket designs have been drafted as of yet, though potential plans are considered for 2022.

EAST Missions and Programmes
Name Part of Patch Start Date End Date Craft(s) used Launches Mission
Selene I Selene Project

Patch created by Amelia I

1 February 2021 2021
  • ULA Vulcan Centaur
  1. 2021 (ULA Vulcan Centaur)
Mission sponsored by ULA to place a digital copy of the mission patch on the moon. Co-operation with MrBeast, NASA and the ULA. Extended cooperation with fellow micronations who are also involved.

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