Greater Cavendish

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Greater Cavendish
Province of Lytera
The flag of Greater Cavendish.
The flag of Greater Cavendish.
Country Kingdom of Lytera
Founded27 May 2019
 • MonarchAmelia I
 • Total0.001093 km2 (0.000422 sq mi)
 • Total15
Time zoneUTC
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)

The Province of Greater Cavendish is an administrative division within the Kingdom of Lytera. It is comprised of the capital St. Cavendish, Barony of Mooreshire and the territory of the Clubhaus Memorial Ground.

Greater Cavendish was founded as a province on 27 May 2019, under the Act of Annexation & Territory Status 2019. Upon its creation, the province consisted solely of the capital.

Under the Act of Annexation & Territory Status, any new acquired land 1.5 Miles or less from the capital will be designated a part of the province, with any town or city leader being granted the nobility title of Baron.

With the annexation of the Clubhaus Memorial Ground on 4 July 2019, the first new Constitution of the province was gained. On 19 August 2019, Mooreshire was annexed as a Barony, becoming the largest populated area of Lytera.