Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company

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Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company
Film Studio
Typeprivate company
Founded31 December 2019
FounderAmelia I
HeadquartersLytera, St. Cavendish
ProductsShort films, feature films, Government Propaganda
LanguageEnglish, Japanese
Number of employees1
Number of films8
WebsiteKingdom of Lytera Youtube

The Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company (RLBC) is a State-Owned nonprofit Lyteran film studio founded on 31 December 2019. RLBC is a production and distribution company. It has close links to the Royal Lyteran News, with both managed by the Monarch on behalf of the state.

Founded on the 31st, the RLBC released two videos - a propaganda video for Lytera's 2019 achievements, and, almost immediately after, the first in the hit Battle for Lytera Series. In 2020 they released the intro for the series, which would begin each episode from then on. Suffering during the coronavirus pandemic, the company bounced back in 2021, releasing two films thus far. .


# Title Release date Running time Genre Notes
1 Lyteralied - 2019 Achievements 31 December 2019 1:23 State Propaganda
2 The Battle For Lytera 31 December 2019 3:38 Fantasy drama/comedy
3 The Battle For Lytera OP 15 May 2020 0:39 Trailer/Introduction Credits
4 Lytera: All Endings 16 April 2021 2:24 Meme
5 The Return of the Vanguard 23 April 2021 10:20 Fantasy Drama/Comedy
6 The Raiders of the Lost Grove 27 May 2021 6:14 Documentary
7 The East Asian Affair 28 May 2021 10:18 Fantasy Drama/Comedy
8 The Battle For Lytera OP II 26 June 2021 0:53 Trailer/Introduction Credits
9 The Winter Soldier 25 August 2021 10:14 Fantasy Drama/Comedy
10 Countryballs Unleashed: Pilot 29 August 2021 1:38 Political Satire/Black Comedy

The Battle For Lytera

Other Films

  • Lyteralied - A propaganda film to show off the success of the country in 2019 and some major events.
  • Lytera: All Endings - A Parody of the All Endings meme.
  • The Raiders of the Lost Grove - Amelia I visits Orly and Wrythe on an adventure.
  • Countryballs Unleashed - A Pilot for a sketch show based on current micronational affairs, usually revolving around microwiki and the GUM, later commissioned into a Full Series.

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