The Battle for Lytera III

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The Battle for Lytera II
The Return of the Vanguard
The Vanguard with Kim on a Ship
Written by Amelia I
Original air date 28 May 2021
Runtime 10:18
Production code LY.III
Episode chronology
Previous The Return of the Vanguard
Next The Winter Soldier

The Battle for Lytera III, also known as the East Asian Affair, is the third episode of The Battle for Lytera produced by the Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company. It was released on 23 April 2021.


Maho and Tanya are discussing German imperialism in a bar in Saigon, when Nanny McPee and the Loompa army attack. On a cruise ship, the vanguard are called by Amelia who says Kay hasn't returned and that they are going to look for them, berating Kim whilst doing so and sending the Vanguard to Saigon. The Vanguard tanks advance into the city and eliminate the Loompa army. In the Library of Saigon, Assam and Pekoe meet Tanya and Maho, who were hiding from the attack there. The group discover McPee's origins and proceed to escape the city to come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Rosehip and Darjeeling defeat McPee, but she uses her lightning powers to incapacitate the two. At the mountain camp, the group decide that they can defeat McPee by resurrecting Ho Chi Minh, a water bender, as water beats lighting. Heading to an ancient temple, the group release the only person who can resurrect the dead - The Fairy Godmother, who was imprisoned for crimes against Germany by Maho and Tanya in 1991. Godmother agrees to help after taunting Maho before leaving, giving them a scroll that summons god's power to resurrect Ho. Mako Reizei, the god of the universe, does so, and the group proceed to Saigon. As Wonka contacts Mcpee by hologram, he demands their death, but McPee is attacked by Minh and defeated. Minh returns to his grave whilst the group attempt to ask McPee where Wonka is, but McPee is assasinated. Whilst dying, she reveals he is currently in Italy. The Group head off to find him as the credits roll. In a post credit scene, the sniper who shot McPee is revealed to be Nonna - working for a mysterious "Commander Koba" and who is currently on the way to Orly.


Production of the episode began back in April after the Premier of Episode 2, with a script being written by April 30. Production took up most of May but was slowed by Exams, but finished after a 8 hour, no break shift.[1] The State Twitter also confirmed that Plastic Bag Kid, the easter egg character, would not appear this episode, having a post-credits scene instead.


When Maho summons the Fairy Godmother, a glitch with her textbox cuts off the last word of the sentence - the actual final word was "world".