The Battle for Lytera

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The Battle For Lytera
The Series Logo
Nute Gunray meeting with Mr. Wonka at the end of Episode I
Genre Fantasy drama/comedy
Created by Amelia I
Written by Amelia I
Starring Amelia I (voice)
and others
Country of origin  Lytera
Language English
Subtitles English
No. of episodes 5
Production company Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company
Released 31 December 2019 - ???

The Battle for Lytera is a Lyteran fantasy television series directed and written by Amelia I and produced by the Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company. The series revolves around a fictional world based on micronations and the memes relating to them, and the titular nation of Lytera defending itself from threats.

Setting & Production

The Battle for Lytera is set in a fictional representation of the real world. While there are similarities to our own world, threats from space, ease of travel, cartoon physics and anime characters roaming Earth differentiate it from ours. While the lore of the show has not been fully established, it mostly revolves around Lytera and the land around it and threats from outside sources. Said threats are usually microwiki memes or general internet memes. Aside from Lytera existing as an independent state similar to Andorra or Liechtenstein, world history seems to have played out very similarly. Magic and science both work together, with necromancy possible and proof of a god (Mako Reizei) existing, alongside Communism being a sort of voodoo art that Kim Jong Un uses to perform magic.

TBFL is animated using Hitfilm Express 2017 with some care to detail, however, in scenes with a lot of movement, some janky animation can be noted, especially during Episode 1 during the Geinai march and the Crash of Gunray's ship.

List of Characters


Episode Plot Airdate Notes
The Battle for Lytera Nute Gunray's ship is destroyed by a mysterious explosion, crashing into Ruislip Lido. His army of Geinai's proceed to occupy most of the town, until Amelia I sends in Kay to defeat them. Gunray is launched into space, and crashes into a chocolate factory. 31 December 2019 First appearance of Amelia, Kay, Nute Gunray, Kevin, Michael Rosen, the Geinai army and Willy Wonka. Made in a single evening by Amelia I, who claimed he wrote and animated it whilst drunk.
Runtime: 03:38
The Battle for Lytera OP The Show's new intro, released early as a teaser for Episode II, shows some characters seen and/or mentioned in the episode. 15 May 2020 Runtime: 00:39
The Return of the Vanguard After Michael Rosen is killed by Nanny McPee, Kay seeks out the British Vanguard in Pinguinu and Johannesburg, fighting Wonka's minions along the way. After being caught by McPee, Rosehip saves her and fights McPee in a lightsaber duel. Fleeing, McPee is sent to East Asia to find Tanya Degruchaff, whilst Margaret Thatcher is sent after Darjeeling. Kay finds herself in Orly in a cliffhanger ending. 23 April 2021 First appearance of many characters introduced in the Intro.[1]
Runtime: 10:20
The East Asian Affair The Vanguard team up with Maho and Tanya to fight the villainous Nanny McPee, though Darjeeling and Rosehip are caught. The others find the Fairy Godmother and use her power to summon Mako Reizei to ressurect Ho-Chi-Mihn to defeat Nanny, who's assassinated before she can reveal her secrets. 28 May 2021 Runtime: 10:18
The Battle for Lytera OP II The Show's new intro, released early as a teaser for Episode IV. 25 June 2021 Runtime: 00:53
The Winter Soldier Amelia and Kay team up with Tony Blair to take on Margaret Thatcher, meeting Rikka in the process whilst also being chased down by Nonna, who they defeat and discover is working for the evil "General Koba." 25 August 2021 Runtime: 10:14
The Crisis in Rome Rosehip and Tanya team up with Anchovy to solve a murder case in Rome. 30 December 2021 Runtime: 8:51