The Battle for Lytera I

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The Battle for Lytera I
The Battle for Lytera
Wonka meeting Nute Gunray at the end of the Episode.
Written by Amelia I
Original air date 31 December 2019
Runtime 03:38
Production code LY.I
Episode chronology
Previous First episode
Next The Return of the Vanguard

The Battle for Lytera I, also known as the Pilot, is the first episode of The Battle for Lytera produced by the Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company. It was released on 31 December 2019.


A strange explosion causes a spaceship, crewed by Nute Gunray and his army of Geinai's to crash into Ruislip Lido. Michael Rosen, newsanchor of Lytera, sends Kevin to the scene, where people are searching the ship's wreck. A Geinai walks over and announces it is from the planet Yensid, and that Kevin was now his prisoner. The Geinai army marches along Ruislip High Street in the direction of Lytera. In the King's office, he talks to himself about how the Lyteran Army wouldn't be able to stand up to such a threat, and initiates Operation Oddball, led by Kay. Kay drives her M4 Sherman through Ruislip to the Lido, where the Geinai army have reconvened, firing on them, she kills them, making her way inside the ship, blowing up Nute Gunray, the force sending him flying into orbit, crashing into a Chocolate Factory in Arizona, where the mysterious Willy Wonka proposes they be friends.


Production of the episode took an afternoon, from 7 PM to around 9:30 PM UTC. The King claimed he was drunk while making the episode.