Countryballs Unleashed

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Countryballs Unleashed
Genre Political satire
Black comedy
Sketch Show
Format Television series
Written by Amelia I
Country of origin  Lytera
Language English
Subtitles English
No. of episodes 1
Production company Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company
Released 29 August 2021 - ???

Countryballs Unleashed is a Lyteran political satire sketch television series directed and written by Amelia I and produced by the Royal Lyteran Broadcasting Company. The series revolves around micronational events, largely based on truth and focusing on current events and featuring caricatures of micronations.

Production and History

Countryballs Unleashed is animated using Hitfilm Express 2017. Produced as a one off video, it was a surprise hit, and the next day the RLBC confirmed a full Season of Six Episodes were planned.

Running Jokes

  • Cycoldia's Dislike of the GUM
  • New Westphalia being a nonce
  • The GUM being rather useless at it's job
  • Zooxaloo annoying everyone they meet
  • Firefly Kingdom's obsession with Mako Reizei
  • Pavlov and Lostisland being in the closet


Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 1 August 29, 2021 August 29, 2021
Season 1 6 September 10, 2021 TBA


Season Episode Name Date Sketches Link
0 1 Pilot August 29, 2021 9
Cycoldia and the GUM have a civil debate
The sneeze of 2021
The GUM tries safeguarding
Full Title Arguments
Never insult the sleepy queen
Pavlov and Lostisland being bros
Pavlov's favourite thing to do
The Austenasian Civil War Summarised


Season Episode Name Date Sketches Link
1 1 An Exploration of Beliefs September 10, 2021 7
What If...? Deniz won in 2019
Micra-national issues
Micronational Religion as taught by Uskor, Ponderosa, Austenasia and Lytera
Uskor hexes the viewer
Avalonia and the Mysterious Forest
Poplar Nerva being Statistic Secretary
The Dracul-Graustark War
1 2 A September to Remember September 27, 2021 6
Molossia and the Beast
Cascadia says the N-Word
Essexia finds a Place
Checking in on the GUM
Tonight on Top Gear
Zooxaloo in Space