Marion, High Regent of Lytera

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Her Royal Majesty
High Regent Marion
High Regent of Lytera

First Monarch of Lytera
Reign 12 January 2010 -
19 August 2017
( 7 Years, 7 Months and 1 Week)
Coronation N/A
Predecessor Throne Established
Successor HHRM King Matthew
Consort His Holiness, Albert
Lord Jeffrey
Duchess Helen
Era dates
The Regency Era
House House of Bayliss
Born 1 November 1919
Cardiff, UK w:United Kingdom
Died 1 November 2017 (Aged 98)
Birmingham, UK w:United Kingdom
Occupation Nurse
Religion Anglican

HRM HR Marion, was the first Monarch of the Kingdom of Lytera. She was head of the Regency Council from the Kingdom's technical formation in 2010, and therefore received an honorary title. In 2014, owing to her issues with dementia, the High Regent retired from her role. During the takeover of the nation by King Matthew and subsequent overthrow by Queen Amelia, the High Regent and Royal Council stayed quiet, not getting involved, though she did sent her congratulations to Queen Amelia, and promised to see her soon. On 1 November 2017, she passed away with Lord Jeff by her side. This had a large emotional impact on Queen Amelia, who was going to visit her the day after.