Lyteran Parliament

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Imperial State Parliament of the Kingdom of Lytera
DE: Kaiserliches Reichstag des Königreichs Lytera
PY:Imperskiy Gosudarstvennyy Parlament Korolevstva Litera
JP: Ietera ōkoku teikoku gikai
King Ministry
Lytera govlogo.png
Lower House/Legislative
FoundedApril 5, 2020 (2020-04-05)
TRM Alex I, Independent, De facto Royalist
since 21 August 2017
Prime Minister
Toby Q, Social Democrats
since 30 May 2020
Leader of the Opposition
Vacant, Vacant
since 30 May 2020
Seats21 MPs
Political groups
As of Last Election:
The Government (14):
  SDP: 7 seats
  Royalists: 6 seats
Official Opposition (4):
  Greens: 4 seats
Other Opposition (3):
  Independents: 3 seats

D'Hondt method
Last election
4th April 2021
Next election
4th April 2022
Meeting place
De Jure: St. Cavendish, De Facto: Discord

The Lyteran Parliament was created by King Alexander I of Lytera, based upon the wishes of the people as expressed in the 2019 turbulent winter months, based upon the State Duma of the Russian Empire and the pre-existing Royal Council of Lytera. The Parliament has the power to approve or veto bills made by other MP's, and is made up of representatives (or MP's) from across Lytera as a whole, who are elected by the citizens in irregular elections, with the seats being allocated by the parties to members. There are currently 11 MPs in the Parliament, ignoring the King's own seat.


The Parliament was created by HHRH King Alexander I to try and represent the people whilst also keeping them weak enough to not be in a constant state of disagreement. The parliamentary election that took place on 4th April 2020 had a long campaign, shook with issues of anti-monarchist sentiment, brawls between parties, the COVID-19 crisis and arguments that the King wouldn't give enough power to the parliament. In a expected victory, the Royalists won the election, having a majority in both the Lower House and Upper House. The First Lyteran Parliament was plagued by inactivity, threats and a lack of unity, and was dissolved by Imperial Edict on May 30th. A new parliament is due to be elected as of July 1st.


Parliament transcripts are logged down for record reasons to understand parliaments views on laws.

Prime Ministers of Lytera

The parties are as follows:


Portrait Term in Office First Minister Party Government
Houseofraynolds.png 4 April 2020
30 May 2020
57 Days
HRH Crown Prince Owen Royalists Owen Ministry
KingAlexI2019.jpeg 30 May 2020
19 August 2020
81 Days
HHRH King Alexander I Royalists King Ministry
Houseofraynolds.png 19 August 2020
15 April 2021 81 Days 239 Days
HRH Crown Prince Owen Royalists Second Owen Ministry
LSDParty.png 15 April 2021
Toby Q. Social Democrats Quirk Ministry

Diagrams and Logos

Imperial Parliament Logo


  • The Parliament has been 'affectionately' nicknamed the 'King's Plaything, Russian Imperial Duma II and Useless' by the Lyteran Workers Communist Party, citing the fact that the King can overrule the Parliament, and that the Royal Council of Lytera can bypass it entirely if they decide to create a law.