Lyteran Workers Communist Party

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Lyteran Workers Communist Party
LeaderUnteroffizer Kane
Founded15 February 2020
HeadquartersSouth Ruislip, UK
Political positionFar Left
Colors  Red
SloganWorkers of the world, unite!
Parliament Seats0
Council Seats0

The Lyteran Workers Communist Party, or the Communist Party for short, was a far-left political party in Lytera.

The party was formed on the 15th of February. It's policies were radical, and largely revolved around replacing the King with a Proletarian Dictatorship. While small in number, it's members were known to be violent in the past, making them unpopular with the public, though they had a support base in the military. During the election campaign, they had a strong start, but when it emerged Nathan Steer, mastermind behind the Octoberist Plot, was a 'Commissar' of the party, they suffered a severe nosedive, with the LDA calling for the party to be banned. In the second election, they proposed a short lived Workers Alliance, however, after a period of martial law inplemented, they were outlawed along with the Syndicalists and Democrats for "Anti-State activities".

LWCP Party Leaders

LWCP Leaders
Name Portrait Country of birth Periods in office
Unteroffizer Kane United Kingdom 2019-2020