Workers Alliance

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Workers Alliance
Party PremierThomas Jaymes
Founded24 June 2020
Dissolved28 June 2020
Political positionLeft Wing
Colors  Red
Council Seats
0 / 11

The Workers Alliance was a political alliance consisting of the Lyteran Workers Communist Party, Syndicalist Party of Lytera and the Social Democrats of Lytera. It was founded on the 24th of June as a bulwark against Thatcherism by the left wing parties of Lytera.


The Alliance was founded as a response to rumours of a Royalist-Democratic backed government propped up by the military. The unified alliance planned to run as a unified party in the election and split the votes evenly, but function as a single unit. However, after allegations came out against the LDA, the LWCP and SPL were outlawed for "anti-state activities", leaving the LSD party as sole members, who promptly dissolved the alliance.


Party Spectrum Leader Parliamentary seats Logo
Lyteran Workers Communist Party LCWP Far-left Nathan Steer
0 / 11
Syndicalist Party of Lytera SPL Far-left Thomas Jaymes
0 / 11
Social Democrats of Lytera LSD Left wing Toby
0 / 11