Nathan Steer

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Enemy of the State
Nathan Steer
Commissar of the LWCP
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born Unknown, presumed 2007/2008
United Kingdom w:United Kingdom
Citizenship British
Political party Lyteran Workers Communist Party
Residence Ruislip
Religion Atheist
Military service
Nickname(s) British Lenin
Allegiance Lyteran Workers Communist Party

Nathan Steer, also known mononymously as just "Nathan" is a revolutionary, politician, and political theorist in the United Kingdom who has, on multiple occasions, come into conflict with the Kingdom of Lytera in his attempts to create a communist nation state in West London. Since becoming an enemy of the state after the failed Octoberist Plot, he has worked closely with the Lyteran Workers Communist Party, and while a member, is not a citizen of Lytera.

Early life

Not much is known about Nathan's early life, and much that is known is the subject of rumours passed on by Lyteran citizens and Duke Matthew. It is likely during these early years he was first exposed to the ideas of communism.

The Octoberist Plot

For more info on the plot, please see the relevant page.
In October 2019, it came to the attention of the Royal Family of Lytera that a coup was being planned against them, with the backing of the Army, Mooreshire and Shedland. As such, an emergency meeting was called, and the plot foiled. While originally it was believed that Duke Matthew was the mastermind, it turned out, on his own confession, that it was masterminded by Nathan Steer, a student at the local school, who planned to cause a communist coup in Lytera. While unable to punish a non-lyteran citizen, HHRH Queen Amelia I decreed he was an enemy of the state, forbidden to enter Lytera in the foreseeable future.

The 2020 Election

While quiet for many months following the foiled conflict, Nathan reappeared when the King allowed the formation of political parties in preparation for the election. The Lyteran Workers Communist Party was set up by a army officer with close links to Nathan, Unteroffizier Kane. On the 11th of March, a source revealed Nathan was working with the LWCP as a commissar, causing public outcry and damaging the campaign of the communists. While the LDA called for the ban of the party due to this, this never happened. His party won no seats in the election and got the least amount of votes.