Skirmish of Berkeley

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Skirmish of Berkeley
Part of the Lyteran Civil War (Technically)

The Bus stop where the skirmish happened
Date2 May 2019
Result Amelian Victory, Arrest of Duke Matthew
Kingdom of Lytera Amelian Supporters Kingdom of Lytera Matthewian Supporters  Kingdom of Lytera
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Lytera HHRH Queen Amelia Kingdom of Lytera Duke Matthew of Shedland Kingdom of Lytera Duchess Karen
1 1 2

The Skirmish of Berkeley was an incident that occurred on Monday, 13 May 2019, when Duke Matthew attempted to assault Queen Amelia in public after an argument over Duke Matthew destroying Lyteran flags the day before.


After a football kick-about in the Imperial Royal Gardens between Queen Amelia and Duke Matthew, Duke Matthew got salty that he lost, and destroyed two of the three Lyteran flags in Lytera. This act was not unnoticed by the Queen, who threatened to charge over that. Duke Matthew proceeded to lob the football into the Queen's face, and then crushed his can of Diet Coke. In response, she tossed the leaking can at the Duke, returning inside.

The Skirmish

The Queen decided to not press charges for the attack the day before, and went to school as per usual. Once she left school at the end of the day, Duke Matthew came over and proceeded to try and talk about redesigning the logo for the Lyteran Airforce, showing a crude hand-drawn art piece. The Queen declined the idea, and as he turned around, the Duke, in a fit of rage, pulled the King's hair, trying to get her on the ground. In response, the King kicked him in the dick before she hopped on the bus, Matthew proceeding to follow, acting like nothing happened. The Queen refused to let him sit with them, and Duke Matthew stormed to the back of the bus. After getting off, heated words were exchanged, with Duke Matthew attempting to kick the Queen in the crotch. The Duke missed, and Queen Amelia retreated into Lyteran territory, where the timely intervention of Duchess Karen caused there to be no major injuries, though Duke Matthew did try and assault Duchess Karen to attack the Queen.


Duke Matthew was arrested after the Skirmish by the Lyteran Police, and the court case occoured the 18th of May. The Duke was arrested for treason due to his attack on a member of the Imperial Family, but was also tried for three counts of assault (after the ball throw on the 12th, attack on the Queen and on the Duchess) and desecration of the flag (for destroying two of the three Lyteran Flags owned by Lytera). The formal name of the court case was The Imperial Crown vs. Matthew Banks, which resulted in Matthew having to do community service for Lytera for a week.