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—  Odyssey City  —
Arial View of Odyssey, 2020
Arial View of Odyssey, 2020

Country Principality of Pelkesa
Founded 26 November 2020
 - Prince Matthew I
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Time zone UTC
 - Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)

Odyssey, also known as Odyssey City, is the capital and only settlement of the Principality of Pelkesa, established in 2020 by Prince Matthew of Pelkesa after the November Crisis with the Kingdom of Lytera.


The area now making up Odyssey was originally farmland, and had remained so for most of history until the early 1900s, where Ruislip station was built, causing an influx of wealthy Londoners who wished to live further away from the city and use the convenient train lines and Lido. Odyssey originally was much larger, a 1935 map of the area reveals it once covered the area now known as St. Cavendish, capital of Lytera, but by 1942, the area had shrunk.

In the late 1980s, the school that resided near Odyssey was demolished to make way for Odyssey business park, and the resulting roads shrunk the territory even more considerably. Since the 1990s, the area has been under public ownership. The flat area often becomes marshy during the winter due to the lack of any drainage. In 2020, the area was considered for annexation by Lytera, but was instead given to Pelkesa as a show of good faith.


Odyssey is divided into five sectors of governance, Brunell, Pyra, Fourtrees, Chandler and Sirenhill. Brunell is the flattest part, and is mainly used for training of the Lyteran Police Force, whilst containing electrical pylons that connect to the nearby Odyssey Buisness Park. Pyra and Chandler are both more forested, and as such are designated for conservation by the Prince. Sirenhill holds many large, sirenlike structures, the purpose of which are unknown. Fourtrees is the governing sector where all points intersect around the greenest part of the city.