July 2020 Lyteran general election

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2020 Lyteran general election (July)

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All 20 seats to the Parliament of Lytera
11 seats are needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader [Amelia I Duke Robert Duke Michael & Duchess Karen
Party Royalist Party of Lytera Lyteran Nationalist Party Green Party of Lytera
Leader since 30 May 2020 15 February 2020 15 February 2020
Last election 8 1 0
Seats before 8 1 0
Seats won 14 0 2
Seat change 6 1 2
Popular vote 21 1 4
Percentage 58.33% 2.78% 11.11%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader David Toby Abid
Party Jingo Jungle Social Democratic Party Lyteran Weeaboo Rights Party
Leader since 6 May 2020 6th May 2020 6 May 2020
Last election New Party New Party New Party
Seats before 0 0 0
Seats won 0 4 0
Seat change Steady0 4 Steady0
Popular vote 1 7 2
Percentage 2.78% 19.44% 5.56%

Prime Minister before election

Crown Prince Owen
Royalist Party

Prime Minister

Crown Prince Owen
Royalist Party

The 2020 Lyteran general election of July was the second general election to be held in Lyteran history. The general election was held on Wednesday 1st July, 2020. The election was called after the Owen Ministry failed to keep order in Parliament, be active, and stop infighting, and the opposition were inactive.[1]

The parliament was elected via the D'Hondt's method where the votes of only those political parties that receive at least a threshold percentage of the valid votes are taken into account. For the Lyteran Election, this threshold will 10% of the vote. The election was fiercely contested during the early stages, but after a purge of dissidents the Royalists came out on top.


  • 30th May 2020 - The current parliament and council are suspended, and the Queen announces an Election for the 1st of July.
  • 2nd June 2020 - The LDA announce their main manifesto points - Military Spending, cleaner streets, better living standards
  • 2nd June 2020 - The RPL announce their main manifesto points - More power to the monarchy, a united nation, closer links with Essexia.
  • 19th June 2020 - The Queen re-iterates that she will remove parliament if it's inactive, and states that judging by the campaign so far, it seems likely.
  • 23th June 2020 - The Syndicalist Party is founded
  • 24th June 2020 - The Syndicalists, Communists and Social Democrats announce the "Worker's Alliance" to combat a rumoured LDA/RPL coalition.
  • 28th June 2020 - The Lyteran Democratic Alliance are suspended from running due to accusations of treason.
  • 28th June 2020 - The LDA, SPL and LWCP are outlawed for treason and anti-monarchist sentiment.
  • 28th June 2020 - The Parliament is given 9 extra seats in order to make it unique compared to the council.
  • 1st July 2020 - Voting Day
  • 2nd July 2020 - Results announced at 2 AM, Queen prepares to form a new council.

Projections and outcome

The Royal Lyteran News (June 2nd) 6 0 3 1 0 0 1 0 N/A Royalist Majority
The Royal Lyteran News (June 24th) 4 0 2 0 N/A 0 N/A 0 4 Hung Parliament
Outcome 14 0 OUTLAWED 2 OUTLAWED 0 4 0 OUTLAWED Royalist Majority