House of Houghton

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House of Houghton
CountryLytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera
TitlesKing of Lytera
Current headDuke Robert
Founding1066 (estimated earliest date)

The House of Houghton is one of the Royal Houses of Lytera. It is the newest House with a claim to the throne, taking the Bayliss claim. The current head of the Lyteran branch of the House is HRH Prince Robert, though his wife, HRH Princess Siobhan, is heir to the throne.

Members & History

The early history of the house is unknown, however, the house in modern times originated in England. The ancestors of the Houghton family brought their name to England in the wave of migration after the Norman Conquest of 1066. They lived in Haughton, Cheshire. The name of this place derives from the Old English word halh, which means nook or recess, and tun, which means village or settlement. There are numerous places son named in England and an individual case of the name may derive from any of those locations.

The Lyteran Branch of the House of Banks is considered to start with Prince Robert, and proceeds as follows:

Recent History

The House of Houghton had been linked to the Royal family since 2015, when Princess Siobhan and Robert began dating. The house gained royal favour for helping to look after HR Marion in her last years of life. In 2018, Robert proposed to Siobhan, and when she accepted, Alexander I, King of Lytera granted him the title of Duke Consort until the wedding. On the wedding day, King Alexander gave him the title of Prince, allowing him to use the 'His Royal Highness' Prefix. While it is unlikely the House will gain the throne anytime soon, if they were to, he would keep the title of prince, with Siobhan as Queen.

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