House of Forrest

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House of Forrest
CountryLytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera
TitlesKing of Lytera
Current headDuke Robert
Founding1066 (estimated earliest date)

The House of Forrest is one of the Royal Houses of Lytera. It is the smallest House in Lytera, with only two current members. The current head of the Lyteran branch of the House is Duke Robert.

Members & History

The early history of the house is unknown, however, the house in modern times originated in Ireland and England. The surname Forrest was introduced by the Normans, and referred to a Royal Forest. The Lyteran Branch of the House of Banks is considered to start with Duke Robert, and proceeds as follows:

Recent History

The House of Forrest was the first House in Lytera that had no potential successors. In 2000, Duchess Karen married Duke Michael, uniting the House of Banks and the House of Forrest. However, as Karen was an only child, this means that Duke Robert and Duchess Helen are the only two left.

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