House of Reynolds (Lytera)

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House of Reynolds
Country Kingdom of Lytera
TitlesKing of Lytera
Current headLord Graham
Founding1066 (estimated)

The House of Reynolds is the of the Kingdom of Lytera's most important houses and next in line to the Throne, The current head of the Lyteran branch of the House (and, at present, the only traceable head of the house overall) is Lord Graham.

Members & history

Most of the history is unknown, however Reynolds is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Reynold", where the given name of the father, "Reynold", or "Reginald", was a Germanic name composed of *raginą + *waldą, meaning "Powerful Ruler" (possibly an alteration of the Old French name Reinold). The addition of "s" to the father's first name makes Reynolds a simple genitive case patronymic. Possessors of these names arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066.

The Lyteran Branch of the House of Reynolds is considered to start with Viscount Graham, and proceeds as follows:

Recent History

In 2012, The House joined the Kingdom of Lytera and due to close relations were considered the successor House for the Throne. Currently, the first, second and third in line for the throne are all members of the House, though if Queen Amelia has children they will precede them.

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