Pun Watta

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Pun Watta
President of the People's Republic of Orientia
Assumed office
8 October 2019
Vice-President Pip Limatibul (2019 - 2020)
Roy Bulsook (2020 - present)
Predecessor Office established
Speaker of the People's Congress of Orientia
Assumed office
14 October 2019
Deputy Speaker Pip Limatibul (2019 - 2020)
Leon Montan (2020 - present)
Predecessor Office established
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of Orientia
Assumed office
31 January 2020
Premier Pitt Sophonsiri (2020 - 2020)
Pip Limatibul (2020 - 2020)
Leon Montan (2020 - present)
Predecessor Office established
Deputy President of the People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills
Assumed office
26 April 2020
President Leon Montan
Predecessor Anna Telford
Chair of the Transitional Legislature of New Eiffel
In office
1 May 2020 - 11 May 2020
Prince Zarel I
Predecessor Office established
Governing Commissioner of Dinkeaw
Assumed office
4 April 2020
Emperor Jonathan I
Predecessor Office established
Trade Secretary of Bregusland
Assumed office
16 February 2020
Commisioner Charles Ross
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 5 October 2008 (age 11)
Bangkok, Thailand
Birth name Pun Pawit Watta
Citizenship Thailand, Orientia, Austenasia, Posaf, Ponderosa Hills, Caddia, North American Commonwealth, Aenderia, New Eiffel, Lysimachia, Iustus
Nationality Thai
Political party United Left
Labor Party of Posaf
Theodorist Party of Bregusland
Worker’s Party of Caddia
Social Nationalist Party of the NAC
Social Nationalist Party of Ponderosa Hills
Peoples Party of Austenasia
Labour Party of New Eiffel
Communist Party of Lysimachia
Residence Hui City, Watta, Orientia
Religion Buddhist
Military service
Nickname(s) Fat Weeaboo Kid
Allegiance PRO Flag.png People's Republic of Orientia
Service/branch OLA.jpg Orientian Liberation Army
In service 2019 - present
Rank Field Marshal (2019 - present)
Fleet Admiral (2019 - present)
Commands Commander-in-Chief of the Orientian Liberation Army (2019 - present)

Pun Watta (born October 5, 2008) is an Orientian politician and military officer. He has his own political ideology, known as Pun Watta Thought. He founded the People's Republic of Orientia, and currently serves as President.

Early life and education

Pun Watta was born on 5 October 2008, in Bangkok, Thailand. At age three, he began studying in a British International School. In early 2020, he began reading the works of Karl Marx, soon developing a passion for Marxism and socialism.

Personal life

Watta is a student and enjoys playing video games in his spare time. He is an avid Marxist, and preaches the removal of class division from society. Watta's personality type is ENTJ-T.

Political views

Pun Watta decribes himself as a Classical Wattist and a Marxist/left communist, advocating a strong government, global socialist revolution and the creation of guilds and worker's councils. He is heavily critical of Thai politics, claiming that many of the leaders are corrupt (accepting bribes from corporations, etc.) and oppresses the working class.


I'm a democratic dictator, the people have no other choice.

— Pun Watta, 2020

The funny thing about having a socialist micronation is that the people don't actually work.

— Pun Watta, 2020

I'm an unironic Trotskyist, how is that funny?

— Pun Watta, 2020

Titles and honours

In Orientia, Watta is usually addressed as 'Your Excellency' or 'His Excellency'. He also has the honourary title of 'Liberator of Orientia'.