Pun Watta

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Field Marshal
Pun Watta
Discord profile picture of Watta, depicting One Piece character Nami.
President of Orientia
Assumed office
13 April 2020
Deputy Ollie Arnold
Predecessor Office established
Governor of Watta
Assumed office
13 April 2020
Predecessor Office established
Representative of Watta
Assumed office
13 April 2020
Predecessor Office established
Chairman of the Communist Party of Orientia
Assumed office
13 November 2021
Predecessor Office established
Governing Commissioner of Dinkeaw
Assumed office
4 April 2020
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 5 October 2008 (2008-10-05) (age 14)
Bangkok, Thailand
Birth name Pawit Watta
Citizenship Orientia, Ponderosa Hills
Nationality Orientian
Political party Communist Party of Orientia
Residence Hui City, Orientia
Religion Buddhism
Military service
Allegiance Flag of Orientia.svg Orientia
Service/branch OLA Flag.jpg Ground Forces
Rank Field Marshal
Fleet Admiral
Battles/wars TOES-Almendria War
Orientian-Squirrel Conflict

Pun Watta, also known by his screen name of Soviet Weeb, (born 5 October 2008) is an Orientian politician, party official and military officer mostly known for founding the Republic of Orientia on 23 January, which would later become the Federation of Orientia and People's Republic of Orientia, respectively.

Watta founded the Republic of Orientia on 23 January 2018, during a vacation in Japan after watching a YouTube video on the Republic of Molossia. Two days later on January 25, Orientia officially declared independence from the Kingdom of Thailand. However, it soon fell into a state of inactivity. Almost two years later, Orientia was re-established on 13 December 2019 during Pun Watta and Pitt Sophon’s vacation in Ko Kut, Thailand. Orientia joined r/micronations a day later and a constitution was drafted. Pun later joined MicroWiki@Discord on December 17, with Pitt Sophon following soon after.

Watta later joined the Tough Organization of Elite Stuff on 12 April 2020, cementing him and Orientia's membership in the TOES Sector. Throughout 2020, Watta led Orientia to pursue political and social reforms, including its entrance into the GUM and the Cupertino Alliance, and culminating in Orientia's conversion into a socialist state on the 13th of April, which is now celebrated as a national holiday in the nation. He would eventually temporarily leave the micronational community in September 2020, due to concerns regarding Thai lèse-majesté laws.

Pun returned to the micronational community on 13 November 2021, and is currently serving as the head of state of Orientia.

Early life

Pun Watta was born in Bangkok, Thailand on 5 October 2008.

Political career


Watta has emerged as the head of state of every iteration of Orientia since its creation in January 2018. The only exception was during the NCPS takeover of Orientia during the 2020 Orientian conflict, during which he was removed from power for a period of 8 days, before retaking his seat as president during his leadership of the Provisional Government of Orientia. He is currently the Chairman of the Communist Party of Orientia, as well as it's President and interim Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Cupertino Alliance

Orientia joined the Cupertino Alliance in February 2020, and Watta was made the head of its commission in the organization. He participated in the 69 Hour Session, and was later appointed as the first Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs of the CA. Watta later left the organization on 17 September 2020. He has since rejoined as the primary delegate of Orientia.


On 4 April 2020, a part of Watta was annexed by the Empire of Austenasia and named the Crown Dependency of Dinkeaw. Pun was appointed its first governing commissioner.

Personal life

Pun Watta lives in his family's residence in Hui City, Watta. He is first cousins with fellow Orientian statesman Prinn Kuln, as well as the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Praan Kulnides. Watta was a former anime fan however he is on a temporary hiatus from all anime except for One Piece as he "gets too attached to the characters and becomes sad when they [sic] don't end up together in the end." He speaks fluent English and Thai, and is currently learning Mandarin.

Political views

Watta is a self-described Marxist-Leninist and proponent of Mao Zedong Thought. He is currently the Chairman of the Communist Party of Orientia.


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