Hui City

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Hui City
—  Capital City  —

Established December 2018
Founder Pun Watta
 - Mayor Nuch Watta
 - Total 15
Demonym Huian
Time zone GMT+7

Hui City (formerly known as Watta City) is the capital city of the People’s Republic of Orientia and the current residence of the President, Pun Watta. It is widely regarded by many as the center of business, culture and politics in Orientia. The total estimated population of Hui City is 15.


Hui City (originally called Watta City) was created on December 23 2020, the day of the creation of Orientia (at that point the Republic of Orientia). It was the only city in Orientia at the time. Following the creation of the Grand Republic of Orientia, Watta City was renamed to Hui City, to pay homage to Pun Watta’s Chinese heritage. Hui City would later expand and double it's size. The 2019 Plastic Head Protests mainly took place in Hui City, bringing forth an era of police rule. On the 9th of February, 2020, Nuch Watta was elected as the mayor.


The mayor of Hui City is given all executive power within the city, and is the head of the city council. The mayor is elected by the President of Watta. Unlike many capital cities, Hui City is not a municipality, and is part of the greater Watta.


Hui City is home to the three seats of government, including the Presidential Palace, Supreme Courthouse, and the House of Congress.

Sister cities

Orientia has two sister cities, attained through the GUM Sister Cities project:

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