Austenasian Crown Dependency

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Dekker, the largest North American Crown Dependency of Austenasia

An Austenasian Crown Dependency is a type of division of the Empire of Austenasia, locally administered by a Governing Commissioner. In accordance with the Empire of Austenasia Act 2013, "Crown Dependencies are territories which [...] while under Austenasian sovereignty and an integral part of the Empire, are administered directly by the Monarch or a representative of the Monarch."

Although Crown Dependencies are under Austenasian sovereignty, they were up until October 2015 not considered fully part of "Austenasia proper", emphasising the distinction between Crown Dependencies (which are autonomous) and Towns and Territories (which are subject to central government). Crown Dependencies are autonomous in that they are not administered by the Cabinet but by a representative appointed by the Monarch (titled Governing Commissioner), and in that Acts of Parliament and Imperial Decrees only apply to them if it is specifically stated in the legislation itself that it applies to the Crown Dependency in question.

Crown Dependencies are therefore in practice ruled by their Governing Commissioners independently of the central Austenasian government, although they are under the Empire's sovereignty and have no independent foreign or military policy. Jovanovo and Rushymia are unique in that they do not have a Governing Commissioner; instead, the former is ruled completely autonomously by its residents, and the latter is ruled directly by the Monarch in his capacity as King of Rushymia.

Crown Dependencies can have permanent residents (as is the case with Enfriqua, Dekker, Imperia, and Jovanovo) or not have any (as is the case with the other five). If they do, the residents are counted only as Austenasian residents, not as Austenasian subjects, meaning amongst other things that they are counted towards the Austenasian population but do not have a vote in general elections (as they are autonomous, they are not administered by the central government and so it is considered unfair for them to electorally influence its composition).

At present, there are nine Crown Dependencies. In chronological order of joining the Empire, these are New South Scotland, Oregonia, Enfriqua, Dekker, Imperia, Esmondia, Jovanovo, Rushymia, and Kingeston.

Achem existed as a Crown Dependency from December 2014 until being dissolved in October 2015, as did Heischierland from July 2014 to September 2016 and Axvalley from February 2013 to August 2017.