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The Imperial Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, usually known simply as the Privy Council, is a body of advisers to the Monarch in the Empire of Austenasia. Its membership is primarily made up of Austenasian politicians, members of the Imperial Family, and a select few friendly foreign dignitaries.

A precursor to the Privy Council could be seen in the "imperial court" which formed around Emperor Esmond III at his high school during the Austenasian Civil War, generally comprised of self-appointed advisers, courtiers and bodyguards who would make suggestions on foreign and domestic policy. This ceased to function after May 2011, when the oldest year group of the school (in which Esmond III and most of his court were in) left for study leave before their final exams.

The Privy Council itself was founded on 12 March 2014 by the Privy Council and Palasian Defence Act 2014. It "has the function of providing non-binding advice to the Monarch on the exercise of the powers and duties of the Throne and on any matter which may be brought by the Monarch to its attention", and "is comprised of Privy Counsellors appointed to it by the Monarch."

Privy Counsellors have the right of unhindered access to the ear of the Monarch, to impart advice and concerns. They may also hold the style of The Rt Hon. (The Right Honourable) if they do not already have a higher-ranking style.

The membership of the Privy Council is at the complete discretion of the Monarch, with the only exceptions being that the Prime Minister automatically becomes a member upon election, as does the Heir to the Throne upon reaching 16 years of age.

List of members

Imperial Family Governmental figures Foreign dignitaries Other
Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
HIM Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus 12 March 2014 Reylan emperor (2005–present)
Advisor on Law (2014–present)
HM Queen Emma I 12 March 2014 Queen of Copan (2013–present)
Lord Andrew, Baron of Corinium Terentium 12 March 2014 Deputy Prime Minister (2024-present)
Governor of Corinium Terentium (2013–present)
Home Secretary (2022-present)
Representative of the Britain and Ireland Division (2023-present)
Prince of Sabovia (2012–2016)
Tribune of Cohors I Jonathana (2013-2020)
Minister of Territories and the Diaspora (2021–2022)
HIH Emperor Mother Margaret 12 March 2014 Emperor Mother (2013–present)
Empress consort (2008-2010)
Consul (2016)
HIH Emperor Father Terry 12 March 2014 Emperor of Austenasia (2008-2010)
Emperor Father (2013–present)
Consul (2013)
Tribune of Cohors I Esmonda (2011–present)
Mayor of Wrythe (2017–present)
Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford 12 March 2014 Prime Minister (2020-2021, 2024-present)
Consul (2019)
Leader of the Opposition (2020)
Deputy Prime Minister (2013-2015, 2020)
Representative of Palasia (2013-present)
Home Secretary (2013-2014)
Minister of Defence (2018, 2020-2022)
Advisor on Scientific Research (2018–present)
Lord Sebastian Linden, Baron of Glencoe 17 March 2014 German Emperor (2011)
Ambict of Rudno (2015-present)
Governor of Glencoe and Beith Craobh Iostan (2018–present)
Pontifex Maximus (2019–2021)
Advisor on Latin (2019-present)
HIH Crown Princess Caroline 25 May 2014 Heir to the Throne (2013–present)
Consul (2015)
Representative of Wrythe (2011-2013)
Lord Adam von Friedeck, Duke of Washington 5 August 2015 Consul (2017-2018)
Governing Commissioner of Oregonia (2014–2020)
King of Überstadt (2011–present)
Austenasian Consul in Washington (2014–present)
H.E. The Rt Hon. Sir Hugh McFarlane, KCA 13 April 2016 Governing Commissioner of New South Scotland (2016–present)
Austenasian Envoy to Sydney (2016–present)
HI&SH Empress Hannah 4 June 2016 Empress consort (2022-present)
Princess of Wildflower Meadows (2016–present)
Augusta (2016–present)
Princess Consort (2015–2022)
Consul (2020-2021)
The Rt Hon. Patrick-Dylan Knox 4 June 2016 Governing Commissioner of Dekker (2016–present)
The Rt Hon. Ketan Uzagi, OAO 4 June 2016 Governing Commissioner of Imperia (2016–present)
HIll.H Tania, Countess of Memphis 29 November 2019 Consul (2022)
Countess of Memphis (2018–present)
Bradley, Duke of Dullahan 19 April 2020 Princeps Senatus (2018–present)
Representative of Helinium (2022-present)
Deputy Prime Minister (2022-2024)
Consul (2021)
Home Secretary (2020)
Minister of Defence (2019–2020)
Chairman of the Whig Party (2019-2020)
HIM Emperor Adam I 18 September 2021 Emperor of Adammia (2013-present)
Lord William Wilson, Duke of Taysha 18 September 2021 Consul (2024)
Secretary-General (2021–present)
Representative of Nahona (2020-present)
Governor of Jackson (2020-present)
Prime Minister (2021–2024)
Deputy Prime Minister (2020-2021)
Home Secretary (2020-2021)
King in Gradonia (2019-present)
Chief Advisor (2022-present)
Lord Richard Hytholoday, Count of Maritimae 18 September 2021 Home Secretary (2021-2022)
Pontifex Maximus (2021-2022)
HM Emperor Aggelos I 20 September 2023 Emperor of Imvrassia (2020–present)
Ambassador-at-Large for Romanity and Imperium (2018-present)
Representative of Ionisia (2017-2018)
Lord Karl Friedrich, Duke of Bohemia 20 September 2023 Governor of Aurora (2016–present)
Chancellor (2018-2019)
Home Secretary (2019-2020)
Minister of Digital Transformation (2020-2022)

List of former members

Imperial Family Governmental figures Non-Austenasian dignitaries Other
Individual Member Roles/reasons
HM Sultan Volfym 12 March - 19 September 2014 Sultan of Volfa (2013–present)
Consularis Sicilia (2014–present)
Austenasian Ambassador to Malta (2011–2021)
Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge 12 March 2014 - 23 September 2016 Minister for the Environment (2014-2016)
Chief Ambassador (2016)
Representative of Lichtenstein (2014-2016)
Governor of Emperorsland (2013-2014)
Home Secretary (2014)
HIll.H Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis 12 March 2014 - 14 June 2017 Prime Minister (2013–2015)
Augusta (2013–2016)
Consul (2014)
Countess of Memphis (2012–2018)
Representative of Thanasia (2013-2016)
Legate of Legio I Britannica (2013-2017)
Chief Advisor (2014-2016)
Chief Ambassador (2013-2016)
The Rt Hon. Dr. Jagannath Patnaik 20 November 2016 - 22 August 2018 Advisor on Education (2016-2018)
Lord Peter Palaiologis, Count of Mentavlos 18 April 2017 - 14 February 2019 Representative of Ionathanopolis (2016-2019)
Lord Magister Militum William K., Baron of Zephyria 12 March 2014 - 29 November 2019 Acting Prime Minister (2011, 2013)
Deputy Prime Minister (2009-2010, 2010-2013)
Magister Militum (2011–2020)
Minister of Defence (2009-2010, 2011-2015)
Minister for the Environment (2011-2014)
Home Secretary (2011-2013)
Representative of Zephyria[n 1] (2009-2010, 2010-2016)
Charlotte Lindström 12 March 2014 - 29 November 2019 Governing Commissioner of New South Scotland (2013-2016)
Head of state of Uskor/Zealandia (2010-present)
Austenasian Ambassador to Australia (2014–present)
Lord Edward Gunderson, Count of New Grémmia 29 November 2019 - 29 May 2020 Deputy Prime Minister (2020)
Home Secretary (2020)
Representative of Dragovina (2019-2020)
HSH Prince Dionisiy I 29 November 2019 - 31 May 2020 Prime Minister (2020)
Minister for Culture (2020)
Leader of the Opposition (2019–2020)
Representative of Theodosiopolis (2019-2020)
Governor of Laranda (2019-2020)
Governor of Seleucia ad Cilicia (2019-2020)
Margrave of Harlemum (2019-2020)
Prince of Montescano (2019-2020)
Lord Ashley Jaax, Baron of Kingeston 5 December 2018 - 24 August 2021 Chancellor (2020-2021)
Leader of the Opposition (2020)
Governing Commissioner of Kingeston (2018–2020, 2021-2024)
Representative of Kingeston (2020-2021)
Lady Admiral Vera Hewitt, Duchess of New Royton 12 March 2014 - 15 February 2022 Prime Minister (2015–2020)
Consul (2018)
Governing Commissioner of New Richmond (2013-2014)
Austenasian Consul in Kentucky (2014-present)
Austenasian Ambassador to the United States of America (2014-2015)
Representative of New Richmond (2014-2020)
Caesar (2014–2021)
Chancellor (2014-2017)
Home Secretary (2017-2019)
Governor of Fraternitas (2020-2021)
Chief Advisor (2016-2022)
Lady Vice Admiral Elizabeth Lewis, Duchess of Bernardston 12 March 2014 - 6 June 2022 Deputy Prime Minister (2016–2020)
Consul (2019)
Chancellor (2017-2018, 2019–2020)
Representative of Terentia (2014–2020)
Governing Commissioner of Terentia (2013-2014)
Austenasian Ambassador to the United States of America (2015-2021)
Sir Anthony Clark, KOB 18 September 2021 - 14 September 2023 Consul (2023)
Attorney General (2020–2023)
Governing Commissioner of Amerdansk (2019-2023)
Governor of Amerdansk (2016-2018)
Representative of Amerdansk (2018-2019)
Sir Harry Fitzpatrick, IKA 12 March 2014 - 29 November 2019;
18 September 2021 - 1 April 2024
Official Historian (2020-2024)
Caesar (2012–2016)
Prince of Monovia (2014-2016)
Centurion of Cohors III Monoviae (2014–2016)


  1. Zephyria was known as South Kilttown before September 2010.