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This article is about the title. For the New Virginian Town, see Augusta.

The title of Augusta is the highest-ranking honour which the Monarch of Austenasia can bestow. It is available only to women within the Imperial Family, with exceptions permitted with the consent of both the Prime Minister and all existing Augustae. Of the three Augustae appointed by the Emperors of Austenasia, only one so far has been a member of the Imperial Family proper upon appointment.

The Monarch was granted the right to bestow the title of Augusta (as well as that of Caesar) by Parliament on 1 July 2010, reflecting the claim of Emperor Esmond III to reign in succession to the Roman Emperors. Esmond III himself appointed no Augustae; his successor Declan I appointed one, and the incumbent Jonathan I has appointed two.

Appointment to the position of Augusta carries with it connotations of a degree of association with the Throne. It is treason to harm an Augusta, and in accordance with the Succession to the Throne Act 2015, should the Line of Succession come to an end, Augustae are eligible both to serve as Lord Regent (interim head of state) and to put forward a claim to the Throne to be considered by the government. Furthermore, both incumbent and former Augustae are eligible to become Senators.

When in full regalia, Augustae may wear a silver diadem with a jewel but no pendilia, a robe or chlamys of red, and blue shoes. Should an Augusta also be the spouse of the Monarch, her diadem may be golden.

List of Augustae

The following is a list of the Augustae appointed by the Emperors of Austenasia, with the names of the incumbents in bold:

Portrait Name Augusta from Notes
HIH Dame Bette Austen, DHJ
(1926 - 2012)
15 September 2012 -
12 October 2012
Emperor Mother to the former Emperor Terry I.
Appointed Augusta by Emperor Declan I at the request of her grandson, Crown Prince Jonathan, after she was admitted unwell to hospital. Passed away just under a month later.
HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis
(b. 1994)
20 September 2013 -
4 June 2016
Prime Minister from 2013-2015.
Appointed Augusta by her close friend Emperor Jonathan I on the fifth anniversary of Austenasia's foundation. Relinquished the position upon her resignation from politics in June 2016.
HI&SH Empress Hannah
(b. 1996)
5 November 2016 Empress consort of Emperor Jonathan I.
Appointed Augusta by her then fiancé Emperor Jonathan I upon the one year anniversary of their romantic relationship.