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The title of Caesar is the second-highest ranking honour which the Monarch of Austenasia can bestow. The Monarch was granted the right to bestow the title of Caesar (as well as that of Augusta) by Parliament on 1 July 2010, reflecting the claim of Emperor Esmond III to reign in succession to the Roman Emperors. Esmond III himself, as well as his successor Declan I, both appointed two Caesars; the incumbent Jonathan I has appointed one.

The title is available only to men, and ostensibly limited to those within the Imperial Family, with exceptions to the latter requirement permitted only with the consent of both the Prime Minister and all those of archducal rank. However, of the five Caesars appointed by the Emperors of Austenasia, all have been appointed under this provision, with none being relatives of the reigning Emperor upon their appointment.

Appointment to the position of Caesar carries with it connotations of a degree of association with the Throne; upon the creation of the position, Esmond III referred to it as being similar to an "honorary deputy Emperor". It is treason to harm a Caesar, and in accordance with the Succession to the Throne Act 2015, should the Line of Succession come to an end, Caesars are eligible both to serve as Lord Regent (interim head of state) and to put forward a claim to the Throne to be considered by the government. Furthermore, both incumbent and former Caesars are eligible to become Senators.

When in full regalia, Caesars may wear a silver diadem with a jewel but no pendilia, a robe or chlamys of red, and blue shoes. Should a Caesar also be the spouse of the Monarch, his diadem may be golden.

List of Caesars

The following is a list of the Caesars appointed by the Emperors of Austenasia, with the names of the incumbents in bold:

Portrait Name Caesar from Notes
HM King Calum I
(b. 1994)
1 July 2010 The first Caesar appointed by Emperor Esmond III, granted the title as a sign of the Emperor's approval for the creation of the Caesarship of Orly. Retained his status as Caesar despite losing the throne of the Kingdom of the Grove twice, functioning as one of the Austenasian Throne's most valued representatives in the social scene of the Carshalton Nations.
HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
(b. 1994)
1 July 2010 -
20 January 2013
Founder of Austenasia, and Prime Minister from 2008 to 2013. Appointed Caesar by Emperor Esmond III mere hours after the appointment as such of Calum I, and retained his status as Caesar until he ascended to the Throne himself as Emperor Jonathan I.
HIH Lord Esmond McLaughlin, Duke of Royton
(b. 1995)
11 October 2011 Reigned as Emperor Esmond III from February 2010 to September 2011. Appointed Caesar by Emperor Declan I three weeks after being deposed as Emperor; as with Calum I, functions as a representative of the Austenasian Throne in the social scene of the Carshalton Nations.
HIM Tsar Harry Fitzpatrick I
(b. 1999)
1 August 2012 -
4 June 2016
Appointed Caesar by Emperor Declan I upon the recognition of the Tsardom of Monovia as a sovereign Austenasian protectorate, due to the close friendship between Austenasia and Monovia and the equivalence of the titles Caesar and Tsar. Retained the rank of Caesar for three years after the fall of the Monovish tsardom, with it eventually being honourably revoked by Emperor Jonathan I to prevent devaluation of the title.
HIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, Duchess of New Royton
(b. 1999)
20 September 2014 -
10 July 2021
Prime Minister from March 2015 to February 2020. Appointed Caesar by Emperor Jonathan I to function as the Emperor's local deputy in North America. Honourably revoked upon Hewitt announcing she is a transgender woman, due to being a male-only title.