Monovia - Austenasia relations

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Monovish-Austenasian relations
Map indicating location of Monovia and Austenasia



Monovia and Austenasia entered into mutual diplomatic relations on 24 October 2011, when Monovia was still known as the Great Socialist Union of Adjikistan. On that date, the nation was accepted as a Protectorate of Austenasia (meaning that the Empire was responsible for Monovian foreign affairs and defence). In April 2012, Monovia became a Special Autonomous Region of Renasia, but by the terms of a treaty the Empire retained responsibility for defending and internationally representing Monovia - in May it seceded from Renasia and became independent once more, with Monovia's leader Harry Fitzpatrick being granted the rank of Caesar by the Emperor in August laster that year. On 2 October 2012, Monovia transitioned from a protectorate to a protected state of Austenasia - while still obliged to offer military assistance if Monovia is attacked, the Empire is no longer responsible for the foreign affairs and defence of the country. National leaders Jonathan I (while still Crown Prince) and Harry Fitzpatrick met at the 2012 Polination Conference, and Monovia is a member of the GUM alongside Austenasia.

On the 13th of April 2013 relations with Monovia were further strengthened, with the Austenasian Emperor now having the ability to choose the Monovish monarch, as well as the Monovish army merging into the Austenasian Army. Also on that date, the Theodorist Party of Austenasia became the ruling political party of Monovia. Monovia is currently not permitted to either declare war or form alliances without the prior permission of the Austenasian Ministry of Defence.


Monovish - Austenasian relations are categorized as extremely friendly, and Austenasia plays a large role in both internal and external Monovish affairs. Although Monovia retains the right to manage it's own foreign affairs to a certain extent (although Monovia cannot declare war nor form alliances without prior Austenasian approval), Monovia rarely partakes in any formal diplomatic activity outside the Grand Unified Micronational. Monovia currently has formal relations with only two other micronations, Indokistan and the Noble Republic of Lurk.

The Austenasian Army currently has a unit in the region of Dore and Totley, which neighbors Monovia. The Monovish government does not posses it's own defence force, and the Monovish unit of the Austenasian army does not have any formal connection to the Monovish government. However, as Monovia is a protected state of the Empire, the Regiment and the wider army in general has the responsibility to protect Monovish sovereignty.

Politically, Austenasia has a high level of influence in Monovia. Currently the sole political party in Monovia is the Theodorist Party of Austenasia, with all former parties accepting to merge into it. As a result of this, there is general consensus between the Monovish government and the Austenasian government.