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—  Town of Austenasia  —
South-west Terentia

Motto: Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile
Established 16 November 2013
 - Representative Lord Admiral Eren Lewis, Duke of Bernardston
 - Total 1.98e-3 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 6
Time zone UTC-5

Terentia is a Town of the Empire of Austenasia situated in North America. Terentia was founded as a Crown Dependency on 16 November 2013 by an Imperial Decree, transitioning into a Town on 3 December 2014. It is named after the former Emperor Terry I.

Terentia is represented in Parliament by Lord Admiral Eren Lewis, who was appointed its Acting Representative upon Terentia's transition into a Town and elected Representative in the August 2015 Austenasian local elections. Lewis had previously served as Terentia's Governing Commissioner since its annexation, upon which he had designed its original flag. A new flag was adopted on 10 October the following year.

From its annexation until just under a year later on 31 October 2014, Terentia consisted of an uninhabited piece of land situated in the garden of Lord Admiral Lewis' place of residence. On 31 October, Terentia was expanded, annexing the whole of the property by the request of its six residents.