New Richmond

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New Richmond
—  City of Austenasia  —



Coat of arms
Nickname(s): "Wrythe of New Virginia"
Motto: Montani semper liberi
(Latin: "Mountaineers are always free")
Country Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia
Established 16 August 2013 (as Crown Dependency)
7 September 2014 (became Town)
9 January 2017 (became City)
 - Representative HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia
 - Mayor Captain William Kennedy
 - Baroness Lady B. Barger, Baroness of New Richmond
 - Police Inspector Inspector Alex Francis
 - Total 20
Time zone UTC-5
Website Official website

New Richmond is a City of the Empire of Austenasia situated in North America. Originally established as a Crown Dependency on 16 August 2013, the territory was formally annexed by an Imperial Decree, and transitioned into a Town on 7 September 2014. It was granted city status on 9 January 2017.

New Richmond is the most highly populated local administrative division of the Empire, with twenty residents living in six different houses.

HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy is the current Representative of New Richmond, having held said office since the transition into a Town.


New Richmond, as an Austenasian City, is represented in Parliament by a Representative elected by the Subjects whom reside in and near the City no less than every five years. New Richmond is administered locally by the Mayor who, among other duties, presides over the City Council. The office of Mayor of New Richmond is held by Captain William Kennedy, the father of Lord Admiral Joseph. Law enforcement and border security are under the jurisdiction of the New Richmond Police Force, a unit of the Austenasian Police.

List of Representatives

Number Picture Name Political views Took office Left office Notes
1 Joseph Caesar.jpeg HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia Imperial Party 7 September 2014 Incumbent Acting until 12 October 2014. Oversaw Town Council elections and annexation of West Richmond. Presented Act of Parliament allowing the Emperor to make former, current and future Governors and Governing Commissioners subjects. Presented the Speaker of the House Act 2014. Appointed Chancellor on 17 October 2014. Elected Prime Minister on 4 March 2015, and re-elected on 1 March 2019. Oversaw New Richmond's change from Town to City.

List of Mayors

Number Picture Name Political views Took office Left office Notes
1 Victoria Hathaway, Countess of Sydney Imperial Party 9 February 2017 15 April 2018 Elected following New Richmond's elevation to City-status. Did not seek re-election in the April 2018 local election.
2 CaptainWilliamKennedy.png Captain William Kennedy Conservative 15 April 2018 Incumbent Elected in the April 2018 local election.