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This article is about the country, the New Richmond Republic. For the former Austenasian and New Virginian city which now serves as the Republic's capital, see New Richmond City.

New Richmond Republic
Flag of
Seal of
"Montani Semper Liberi" (Latin)
"Mountainers are always free"
Other traditional mottos 
  • "If you seak a free land, look among your surroundings" (English)
Anthem: Which Side Are You On?
and largest city
New Richmond City
Official languagesNone official
English de facto
Demonym(s)New Richmonder
GovernmentUnitary Hewittist one-party socialist republic
K. Riley Hewitt
• Party Secretary-General
Prime Minister
Vera Hewitt
• First Justice of the People's Tribunal
LegislatureCongress of People's Councils
and local people's councils
• Establishment of the Dominion of New Richmond
16 August 2013
11 February 2020
29 July 2021
• Proclamation of the NRR
2 August 2021
• Total
0.97 sq mi (2.5 km2)
• 2021 (1RY) census
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd/mm/cy (ry
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
GUM 3-letter codeNRC

The New Richmond Republic, also officially known as the NRR and often incorrectly referred to as New Richmond by outsiders, is a micronation primarily located within the Central Appalachian region of North America. The NRR was established on 2 August 2021 (1RY) in the wake of the New Virginian July Socialist Revolution, of which many New Richmonders were active belligerents and leaders.

The New Richmond Republic is governed as a socialist republic under the leadership of the Blair Mountain League, which is the sole legal political party and an integral part of the political system. The party - and therefore, the Republic - adheres to an ideology known as Hewittism which it has steadily developed since its inception. Hewittism is rooted in micropatriological realism and advocates struggling for the establishment of pragmatic microsocialism, a concept defined by the party as a socialist-oriented micronational society that views itself through the lens of realism and takes a pragmatic approach towards advancing the wellbeing of the working people.

All political power in the Republic - state and party - emanates from local assemblies known as the people's councils. Each council governs an administrative district of the Republic and elects local officials; together, they ultimately chose the leaders of the Central People's Government and the Blair Mountain League. The supreme organ of state power mandated by the Republic's Basic Law is the Congress of People's Councils, which consists of delegates elected by the councils. The Congress of People's Councils elects the People's Commissioner of the Republic (the head of state), the Central Executive Committee (the executive authority), and the People's Tribunal (the judiciary) - together, these four institutions constitute the Central People's Government.

The NRR's history begins with the establishment of the Dominion of New Richmond - a colony of the Empire of Austenasia - on 16 August 2013. New Richmond developed and grew to become the largest city of the Empire and the heart of the Duchy of New Virginia, an Austenasian region based primarily in the eastern United States. On 11 February 2020, the City of New Richmond and other New Virginian municipalities seceded to establish the Commonwealth of New Virginia, of which New Richmond was the de facto capital. In the July Revolution, New Richmond City was a hotbed of revolutionary activity. Following the collapse of the revolutionary government, the movement within New Richmond reconstituted itself as the Blair Mountain League, and its members proclaimed the foundation and secession of the New Richmond Republic.


The New Richmond Republic is named for its capital, the City of New Richmond. The NRR Central People's Government advises against referring to the nation as "New Richmond," with that name being reserved for the eponymous city (though it is often referred to as New Richmond City to differentiate between them).


New Richmond was initially established as the Dominion of New Richmond on 16 August 2013 as a crown dependency of the Empire of Austenasia. Under the Dominion, New Richmond was governed independently of the Empire's national government by a Governing Commissioner - a position only ever held by founder of New Richmond Vera Hewitt - who was appointed by the Emperor of Austenasia. New Richmond was notable for being the first Austenasian crown dependency to enact its own constitution and establish a local democratic assembly - the Dominion Assembly, consisting of the Governing Commissioner's Lord Lieutenant and the directly-democratic House of Burgesses.

On 6 September 2014, the Dominion of New Richmond expanded to include the City of Saint Josephsburg, which was formerly part of the Ashukov Federation. The next day, the Parliament of the Empire of Austenasia voted to incorporate New Richmond as an Austenasian Town, and was the first North American town and the foundation of the Duchy of New Virginia alongside the Town of Shineshore. New Richmond continued to expand in both landmass and population, becoming the largest inhabited territory of the Empire. During its time within Austenasia, New Richmond would serve as the home of the Austenasian Prime Minister's office for nearly five years, and would produce three Consuls and two Representatives. On 9 January 2017, New Richmond was elevated to the new status of Austenasian City.

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