House of Representatives (Austenasia)

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House of Representatives
Speaker Lord Hunter Prater, Duke of Dixie
since 22 September 2021
Prime Minister William I of Gradonia
since 18 September 2021
Membership 10 Representatives
Last elections For Wrythe:
9 February 2017

For Palasia, Chalcedon and Nahona:
12 February 2020

For North Nahona:
13 July 2020

For Procyon, Blue Ridge and New Flat Rock:
26 January 2021

For Oppidum Tubae:
14 September 2021

For Helinium:
Meeting place
De facto: "Parliament of the Empire of Austenasia" Discord channel
De jure: Imperial Residence

The House of Representatives of Austenasia (originally known as the Cabinet, but not to be confused with the present body of the same name) is the only house of the Parliament of Austenasia. The House of Representatives is a democratically elected body, consisting of a Representative elected from each Town and City in the Empire; at present, totaling nine. Representatives are elected using the first-past-the-post system, with each Town and City required to have an election for its Representative no less than every five years.

The House of Representatives meets with the Monarch and Prime Minister to make new laws. When in this legislative role, they are collectively known as Parliament.

Due to the nature of the office of Prime Minister, they are usually included in the House of Representatives as a locally elected Representative. However, even if the Prime Minister loses the office of Representative (as was the case with the then Crown Prince Jonathan between December 2011 and January 2013), they stay as Prime Minister and so while not being part of the House of Representatives may still attend Parliament meetings and cast a deciding vote if required. Representatives are the only people eligible to stand for the office of Prime Minister.

The office of Speaker of the House of Representatives was created by an Act of Parliament in October 2014 to preside over meetings of the House, elected by and from the Representatives. The position of Speaker has been held by Lord Hunter Prater since September 2021.

List of Representatives