Isaiah I of Burdette

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His Majesty
Isaiah David
King of Burdette

King of Burdette
Reign 3 December 2020 - present
Assumed throne 3 December 2020
Prime Minister James McArthur
Predecessor Throne established
Prime Minister of Atiera
In office:
14 January 2021 - 11 July 2021
King Munroe I
Predecessor Michael Shepard
Successor Tucker Gladden
Personal Information
Born 31 August 2006
Nationality  United States

Isaiah David (born 31 August 2006) officially known to some as His Majesty Isaiah David I within the the Kingdom of Burdette, is a USA-born micronationalist, baseball player, and gamer. He is primarily known for serving as the founder and King of the Kingdom of Burdette and the third Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Atiera. Other notable positions include serving as the leader of opposition in Australis, four time Sejm member and leader of opposition in Polonia, and Privy Councilor in Monmark. Isaiah initially joined the community in late 2019 or early 2020 from discovering a micronation on disboard, that micronation would later dissolve. After the dissolution of his first micronation he would go on to serve in Yu-Xia and other micronations he later founded the Kingdom of Burdette on 3 December 2020.

He is in multiple intermicronational, such as the Cupertino Alliance and the Grand Unified Micronational. He first served in the Cupertino Alliance as a delegate for Florania. After resigning he switched to Humberlea then later resigned from his post as a Humberlean delegate so he could switch to a delegate for Atiera as he was the Prime Minister of Atiera at the time. After he founded the Kingdom of Burdette wanted to apply to the Cupertino Alliance so he switched one last time to the Burdettian delegation. He first joined the Grand Unified Micronational to be a delegate for the Unified Royal States of Australis, as a Australis delegate he was a full delegate. The Kingdom of Burdette later applied to the Grand Unified Micronational as a Observer and when it was accepted he switched to become a delegate for Burdette. The Kingdom of Burdette was promoted to full members later on so Isaiah became a primary delegate. Under Adam I of Adammia's administration he was named Communications Secretary.

Isaiah David has founded several private companies such as the Micronational Gazette, the Kingdom of Burdette Times, and Iudette Statistics. Isaiah David founded the Micronational Gazette on 10 October 2020 and it later went inactive. Following the Micronational Gazette being inactive Isaiah David founded the Kingdom of Burdette Times which published articles about the Kingdom of Burdette, it is also the only news source in Burdette. He also founded Iudette Statistics which is a Statistics Company that conducts surveys and develops many scales such as Iudette Scale of MicroWiki Quality and the Iudette Scale of Micronation Development and Seriousness.




Isaiah David joined Polonia when it was still named Matachewan around June 2020 in the Miller administration. Isaiah was first appointed to the Grand Sejm of Polonia but was later removed days before the Premier election which he contested but lost narrowly to Christina Nowell. As he was out of office for the whole Nowell administration he did nothing but prepare for the next election where he contested a Sejm seat but lost and went on a hiatus. The Smith administration took office after this election as well.

During the end of the Smith administration he founded the Semi-Conservative Party of Polonia and was part of a coalition with contained Solidarity Party of Polonia, Patriotic Front of Polonia, Christian Conservative Party, and the Cynical Party of Polonia also briefly was in the coalition. The coalition was headed by Chris Miller and the goal was to take back the Premier office from the Labour Party of Polonia. During the campaigning period for the next general election his party merged with the Christian Conservative Party to form the Conservative League of Polonia. The coalition succeeded in it's goal. Isaiah David also was elected to a seat in the Sejm.

During the Miller administration Isaiah David was appointed to the post of Minister of Economic Development. He later resigned from this post so that a local could take office. The coalition was still running but the Conservative League left the coalition because it's purpose had already been achieved. During the next general election Isaiah was re-elected to the Sejm and his part gained 3 seats. Xavier Jackson was also elected to his first term in a landslide victory over Isaiah and Robert Smith. During Xavier's first term his party adopted a new logo and grew in membership. The next general election happened and Isaiah David came in third place for the Premier election barely getting less votes then Robert Smith. Xavier Jackson won the election with one more vote then Robert Smith. His party also lost a seat in the Sejm. Polonia later was dissolved by the King Brandon Mierzwa.


The sun always rises and sets, there's nothing you can do to change that.

— Isaiah Burdette, 2 September 2020

There are very few arguments in which one side is right or wrong. Both sides usually represent a partial truth. If we could focus more on what encompasses parts of both truths instead of trying to be correct, the world would be a better place.

— Isaiah Burdette, 29 August 2020

There are many good politicians in the micronation community, yet calling someone a good politician isn't a compliment.

— Isaiah Burdette, 4 September 2020

Why do I always start quotes with "the" or "there"?

— Isaiah Burdette, 5 September 2020

The rise and fall of a empire is like the sunset it always comes.

— Isaiah Burdette, 22 September 2020

Inside incompetence you will find competence inside of competence you will find incompetence.

— Isaiah Burdette, 29 September 2020

Some count days I count weeks, some count week I count months, some count months I count years.

— Isaiah Burdette, 7 October 2020

Revolutions are only illegal if they fail.

— Isaiah Burdette, 23 October 2020

Titles, styles and honours

Noble titles

3 December 2020 - present
King in David
2 December 2020 - present
Noble Prince
18 November 2020 - present
Baron in Monmark
11 January 2021 – present
Duke David


National honours

Foreign honours

Order of wear

Awards worn regularly by Isaiah David are noted in the above tables and are worn in accordance with customary conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The current ribbons worn by Isaiah David are as follows: