Sejm of Matachewan

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Sejm of Matachewan
Grand Sejm of Matachewan
Sejm Seal of Matachewan.png
Bicameral House
HousesSzlachta of Matachewan (Upper House), Sejm of Matachewan (Lower House)
Term limits
Sejm Terms: 2 months
FoundedAugust 19th, 2019
Preceded byGreat Sejm of the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth
Andreas, Patriotic Front
Prime Minister
Ashton C., Independent
Christopher Miller, Patriotic Front
Matachewan First
Meeting place
Matachewanian Discord Server

The Grand Sejm of Matachewan or Sejm (Polish: Wielki Sejm; French: Grand Sejm; Russian: Большой Сейм) is the legislature of the Matachewan. The Grand Sejm was founded on 19 August 2019. The Sejm is the lower house of the Matachewanian legislature. It also serves as the legislature often times which the upper house, the Szlachta, represent localized nobility appointed to ministries.


Early Sejm

The Sejm has been the legislature of Matachewan since the "5th Kingdom of Matachewan". The Sejm originally served as a advisory council to the King until it became an official legislature in May of 2019 (before the Sejm the legislature of the Parliament of Matachewan).

The Sejm's earliest recorded scheduled meeting was on the 9 May 2019 during an emergency meeting to avoid total collapse of Matachewan's government control after the Radio Scandal of April 13th. During this time the "2nd Republic" was created to fill in the void the 5th Kingdom left after its collapse. During this republic the Sejm served as an elective body, electing Peter Warren, President of Matachewan. However after the failure of the republic due to power struggles and the lack of a constitution the republic soon collapsed into 7 days of anarchy leading to the eventual dissolution of the Sejm.

Great Sejm of the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth

The "Great Sejm" was created after the ratification and creation of the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth. Not much is known about the Great Sejm other than the fact it was a completely inactive legislature and didn't play any significant role in governing. After Kleinmann's abdication the Great Sejm was replaced by two Sejms, the Grand Sejm and the Sejm.

After the Commonwealth's demise two factions rose up to create their version of a perfect Matachewan. The first faction was the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan lead by historical and current King, Brandon Mierzwa. While the other faction was controlled by a group of republicans who tried to create a 3rd republic. The Grand Kingdom managed to stabilize after the first week however the republic failed to unite their broken group and also failed to elect a President which later led them to merge into the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan.





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