Conservative League

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Conservative League of Matachewan
ChairmanIsaiah Burdette
Premier Nom.Isaiah Burdette
Sejm LeaderN/A
SloganFor God And Country
Anthem"Ain't I Right"
NewspaperConservative Papers
Political positionCenter-Right, Right-Wing
Official colorsLight Blue ADD8E6
0 / 1
Sejm Seats
4 / 12
Cabinet Positions
1 / 6
Conservative League of Humberlea
ChairmanIsaiah Burdette
Deputy ChairmanCharles Slocum
Prime Minister NominationIsaiah Burdette
Parliament LeaderIsaiah Burdette
Political positionCenter-Right, Right-Wing
Official colorsLight Blue ADD8E6
Prime Ministers
0 / 1
Parliament Seats
2 / 12
Cabinet Positions
0 / 6

The Conservative League is a party that has branches in both Humberlea and Matachewan, it holds seats in both the Humberlean Parliament and the Matachewanian Grand Sejm.




The Conservative League of Matachewan began as two separate parties. The Semi-Conservative Party of Matachewan and the Christian Conservative Party of Matachewan those two parties both joined the same coalition and decided there was no point in having 2 different Conservative parties so they merged and began the Conservative League of Matachewan and a Christian Conservative Caucus. Sullivan the former leader of the Christian Conservative Party was awarded the title of President of the Christian Conservative caucus and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative League. Isaiah Burdette was given the role of Chairman of the Conservative League.


The Conservative League of Humberlea was a branch of the Conservative League of Matachewan and was founded on 1 December 2020 near the end of Parliament elections when Isaiah Burdette left the Nationalist Humberlean Front to create the Conservative League of Humberlea. Right after the party was created in Humberlea Charles Slocum a former Nationalist Humberlean Front member joined.



2020 was the first year the Conservatives League of Matachewan participated in Matachewan politics, they started the year with zero Sejm seats and in the coalition with Solidarity Party, Patriotic front, United Northern Liberals and went through many different changes.

They had no seats in the middle a few attempts were made early on in hopes of attaining one, such as participating in emergency elections which they lost all of the emergency elections they participated in. The first seat the party gained came in the 1 August general election where they picked up there first Sejm seat. In that election they also helped Christopher Miller defeat Robert Smith and become the Premier. That Sejm seat was handed to Isaiah Burdette where the whole term was focused around localization of Matachewan and amending the constitution to add offices that were exclusively for locals such as the Prime Minister office and the Szlachta. After that term the Conservative League ran again in the 1 October general election where they gained 3 seats in Sejm and were tied with the Labour Party of Matachewan for Sejm seats, they also ran for Premier but lost with Xavier winning on a landslide. The seats were given to

  • Trevor
  • David
  • Charles Slocum
  • Isaiah Burdette
  • Alvin Matthews (later switched out for Charles)

Alvin Matthews was later removed from Sejm and swapped out for Charles Slocum do to Alvin's unprofessionalism in the Sejm. This term the party introduced bills for agriculture and a amendment to give colonies representation in the Sejm.

On 4 October 2020 the Conservative League of Matachewan officially switched logos. The old logo they had was from the Semi Conservative Party of Matachewan they decided it was time for a new logo for the new party and that this new logo was long passed due. The party debated what they would put on the logo. They considered the iron cross but they decided that since the Nazi's used it that it would bring a bad image. The new logo was designed by David I.

On 5 October 2020 decided to leave the coalition. The Conservative League of Matachewan wanted to leave because one of the coalition parties named the Solidarity party formed a coalition with the Labour party against the Conservative League of Matachewan. After the Chairman of the Conservative league of Matachewan heard this news he immediately put up leaving the coalition to a vote where 3 members voted the score was 3 in favor of leaving 0 opposed. With this in mind the Conservative League of Matachewan decided to leave.


Late 2020 is when the party was founded and immediately after Charles Slocum and Isaiah Burdette the founder of the party won seats in Parliament which gave them 20% of the Humberlea Parliament seats.

Electoral history

Matachewan Electoral History

Election Date Outcome
Emergency Sejm election, June 2020 27-28 June Lost
Emergency Sejm election July 2020 5-6 July Lost
Sejm elections, July 2020 31 July - 1 August Gained 1 seat
Premier elections, August 2020 1-2 August Did not run candidate
Premier elections, October 2020 1-2 October Lost[1]
Sejm elections, October 2020 1-3 October Gained 4 seats[2]

Humberlea Electoral History

Election Date Outcome
Parliament Elections, December 2020 31 November - 1 December Gained 2 Seats