David I of Eiru

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David I
Official Portrait
Emperor of Eiru
Assumed office:
23rd Sepetember, 2020
First Minister Isaiah I
Member of the Sejm of Matachewan
Assumed office:
4th October, 2020
King Brandon Mierzwa
Premier Xavier I Jackson
Successor N/A
Personal information
Born 20th January, 2002
Political party Eiruan Union of Fascists (Imperial Republic of Eiru)
Conservative League of Matachewan
Religion Roman Catholicism


David I is from Dublin, Ireland and was born on 20th January 2002. He first became entranced with Micro-Nationalism in 2014 after watching "A Tiny Spark (a short documentary) by Franco Sacchi on YouTube. After that David I began setting up unofficial Micronations, none of which had full independence. Then in May, 2020 he again became interested in the prospect of governing his own nation. He began work on Eiru, forming an Ancient Roman style Senate. Due to low population and clashing ideologies of the only two Senators the Republic of Eiru descended into anarchy and the government dissolved. A great power vacuum had developed and David I seized this opportunity. He annexed the provinces of Eiru Minor and Eiru Major and began building up the Military, now known as The Imperial Guard Legion. With this strong military he seized power and crowned himself Emperor David I. And so the Anarchal period had ended. He now remains Emperor David I of The Imperial Republic of Eiru

Positions Held

Nation Position Termination of Position
Imperial Republic of Eiru Emperor
Imperial Brehon
Currently in office
Matachewan Member of the Grand Sejm Currently in office
Republic of Eiru Senate member
28th May 2020