Szlachta of Matachewan

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Szlachta of Matachewan
Szlachta of Matachewan
Seal of the Szlachta.png
Bicameral House
HousesSzlachta of Matachewan (Upper House), Sejm of Matachewan (Lower House)
Term limits
Indefinite terms
Founded4 September 2020
Preceded byHouse of Nobles of the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth
Brandon I, Independent
Ashton C., Independent
Minister of Defense
Meeting place
Matachewanian Discord Server (Globally), Oblate City (Locally)

The Szlachta is the upper house in Matachewan and composed up of 5 Nobles that are Locals of Matachewan.


First Szlachta

The Szlachta was the upper house since 28 August 2020 during Christopher Miller's term as premier when a second house was added to Matachewan to begin localization. The first Szlachta was composed of the following 5 locals of Matachewan: