Monarchy of Matachewan

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King/Król of Matachewan
Brandon Mierzwa in Uniform.png
Brandon I of Matachewan

Style His Majesty
Heir presumptive Grand Prince Jakub
First monarch Brandon I of Matachewan
Formation 30 June 2015

The monarchy of Matachewan is the leading position in the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan. As well the monarch of Matachewan is head of state while also leading the House of Mierzwa. The current incumbent leader is Brandon I who is the founder of Matachewan. The current heir to the throne is Brandon's cousin Grand Prince Jakub.

Powers and Duties

The powers of the monarchy are defined in the Constitution of Matachewan. Some of these powers include:

  • (1) Being the official head of state of Matachewan
  • (2) Approve or veto legislation (Vetos may be overturned with a 2/3 Sejm vote)
  • (3) Sign Royal Decrees (In accordance with Sejm law)
  • (4) Command the Matachewanian Armed Forces
  • (5) Sign treaties with foreign entities
  • (6) Approve cabinet members
  • (7) Approve the national budget
  • (8) Accept colonial applications to join the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan
  • (9) Appoint royal advisors
  • (10) Right to propose legislation to the Sejm (However the King/Queen may propose to the Sejm they cannot vote in the Sejm)
  • (11) Pardon individuals of criminal offences

The 11 Powers are very important for day to day functions in the state however the state can function without the King for weeks at a time as long as the Premier and Sejm know what must be done in order to keep Matachewan running. The Constitution of Matachewan is linked in case you wish to further look into the powers of the King, Premier and Sejm.

List of Monarchs

  1. Brandon I