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The Right Honourable,
Peter Warren of Matachewan
Official Photograph
3rd Prime Minister of the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan
Assumed office:
March 23, 2019 - April 1, 2019
Prime Minister Peter Warren
Król HM Brandon I
Successor Ágá Sárrajuoksa
General-Secretary of the Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic
Assumed office:
December 18, 2018 - March 12, 2019
Premier of Soveria Konvashev Von Kazarian
Successor N/A
6th Prime Minister of the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan
Assumed office:
August 31, 2019 - September 30, 2019
Król HM Brandon I
Predecessor Cheif
Successor Christopher Miller
2nd Premier of the Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic
Assumed office:
November 6, 2020 - Incumbent
Predecessor Konvashev Von Kazarian
Personal information
Born 21 June 2004 (2004-06-21) (age 17)
Tucson, AZ
Birth name Peter Herald Warren
Citizenship American, Matatachewanian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Slovak, German
Political party None
Residence Cleveland, OH
Religion Catholic
Military service
Allegiance  Matachewan
Rank MAT General Broni
General Broni Matachewan Side.png
Unit 1st Ohio Militia (Matachewan, Formerly)

RH Peter Warren, known more as Peter Warren was the Prime Minister of Matachewan and one of Matachewan's veteran politicans. Currently he serves as Premier of the reestablished People's Republic of Soveria, and is serving as a Justice in the Grand Court of Matachewan. Peter Warren had also served in the Matachewanian Armed Forces and retired with the rank of General Broni.

Personal information

Peter Harald Warren was born on 21 June 2004 in Tucson, AZ. It is assumed he was baptized in 2004 to the Catholic Denomination. Peter Warren is a Slovak-German American that resides in Cleveland, OH.

Early micronational career

He started out in the Second People’s Free Republic of Soveria, which Peter Warren credits as being the place where he truly got interested in the micronational community. Assisting the founder of the nation, Konvashev Von Kazarian, by attempting to piece together a series of laws, Peter became officially one of the first members of the Soverian Government. Commissioned into the People's Army of Soveria, Peter remained in the service branch for the rest of his time with the communist state. Achieving the rank of Chief Marshal of Engineer Troops, he went about the process of establishing the ministries needed for a functional government by utilizing the authority invested in him by Premier Konvashev. Though never really at the front of anything, as he primarily operated behind the scenes, Peter was present for a coup d'état by Yuri Gagarin. They had been good colleagues, and with his traitorous actions brought mistrust and hatred between government officials, all started by an argument about the future of the National Committee of Soveria.

End of Soveria

With the population declining, Chairman Erich Hartman and Chief Marshal Warren took over the powers of many government officials who had fallen inactive. Though he was widely considered the "right hand man" of Konvashev, Peter was working for a incompetent General-Secretary of the Communist Party... who's name has been lost to time. When Hartman disappeared, Peter moved on to other micronations, while still retaining his previous titles and positions with the People's Free Republic of Soveria.

Time in Groponigën

Peter Warren joined the Kingdom of Groponigën later in the life of Soveria, alongside Premier Konvashev who would become the ambassador of his micronation. Forming the "Imperial Party of Groponigën" which was centered around conservative ideals, Peter was intending to run for a spot in the Reichstag before he encountered Brandon Mierzwa, his future leader and close friend. Crafting a plan to free Matachewan, which was at the time was under the jackboot of Groponigën, Brandon and Peter were ratted out by a member of his party, and promptly put on trial for treason. Quickly found guilty, they were both exiled, with Peter losing his standing with Soveria and what allies he had left in the Kingdom of Groponigën.

Matachewanian career

Rise to Power

Once Peter had been exiled along with Brandon Mierzwa, Brandon had offered Peter a position as Prime Minister of Matachewan to compensate for the loss of Peter's party and position in Gropenigen. It was also given to him as no one else was trusted enough to hold the position of Prime Minister. After becoming Prime Minister the then Fifth Kingdom of Matachewan started to enjoy a period of slight stability with the nation becoming active. After the April 1st Election, Ágá Sárrajuoksa had won and Peter transferred power over to Ágá. After two short weeks in office, Ágá has finally decided that he would implement sweeping reforms and attempted to abolish the Monarchy, which started the Radio Scandal of April 13th. To which the Kingdom has collapsed and split between the Fifth and Sixth Kingdoms vying for control and legitimacy. During the confusion the Fifth Kingdom had dissolved and became the Second Republic of Matachewan and Brandon Mierzwa had given the power to Peter making Peter the official President of the Republic. After 24 hours the Republic soon dissolved and reformed back into the Kingdom of Matachewan. Eventually time went on and Peter continued to serve under Matachewan and its many flags. From the Empire of Matachewan to the late Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth, Peter had remained loyal and pro-Matachewanian. Once the Commonwealth had dissolved under Kleinmann's leadership, Peter had joined back up with Brandon Mierzwa to restore Matachewan yet again. However, this time they succeeded in creating a modern Matachewan that is still here to this day, the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan. On 31 August 2019 the first open and free democratic elections were held, this election had been the first of its kind since before the April 1st Election. Peter was victorious and had officially become Prime Minister of Matachewan again after many long months. During his term the country saw the restoration of the Sejm, opening of civil liberties and eventually by the end of his term the plans with Christopher Miller start to be established for the localization of Matachewan.

Peter Warren's Final Speech after the October 1st Elections as Prime Minister of Matachewan.

Decline and Leaving

Return to Matachewan

Restoration of Soveria

Titles, styles and honors

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