Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic

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Second People's Free Republic of Soveria

2018 — 2020

Flag 4.pngSssr coat of arms.png

Every man is the smith of his own fortune
"The Internationale"

Cleveland OH
Capital cityVladasostock
Largest cityVladasostock
Official language(s)English, Russian
Recognised languagesSlovak, Polish, German
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSoveria
GovernmentDominant-Party System
- ChancellorBryce
- Deputy ChancellorNone
LegislaturePeople's Congress of Deputies
- Type - Bicameral
Established7 August 2018
Population21 Global Citizens, 7 Local Citizens (28 Total) Official Population
CurrencySoverian Ruble
Time zone(EST/ET)
National animalRussian Mink


The Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic, colloquially known as Soveria (Russian: Советская Советская Социалистическая Республика; Polish: Soveria Socjalistyczna Republika Radziecka; Slovak: Sovietska socialistická republika Soveria; German: Soveria Sozialistische Sowjetrepublik.) is a self-declared, sovereign-state or what most people would call a micronation. The Second People's Free Republic of Soveria was founded on 7 August 2018, as Soveria. Soveria has claims in Cleveland OH.



On August 7 2018, Konvashev von Kazarian founded the People's Free Republic of Soveria with Peter Warren. Premier Kazarian established the first government which consisted of appointed officials. Kazarian also established basic laws with the help of Peter Warren. Eventually Peter Warren was appointed General-Secretary and held the position until the dissolution of Soveria.

Mid-History and Soverian Decline

After the appointment of Peter Warren Soveria had a period of stability which allowed Soveria to focus on the expansion of its global population and military. This period only lasted two months before the country found itself in political crisis.

In January 2019 Soveria was prospering and experiencing its own "Golden Age" but near the end of the month political inactivity arose and soon started a period of stagnation. Soveria's Armed Forces was officially abandoned as many citizens had stopped caring for national defense. Eventually a high ranking member of government decided that they would change Soveria's political scene and ignited a coup against Premier Kazarian's government. After the coup the member of government managed to take power but was soon thwarted by Peter Warren when he had informed the Premier of the recent events. That member of government was banned from Soveria and their citizenship was renounced.

After the coup Soveria experienced more inactivity and political incompetence. However it would be around this time Soveria had engaged in relations with Groponigën. Soon his ambassador Peter Warren had become a citizen of Groponigën and formed the "Imperial Party of Groponigën". Around this time Peter Warren had met Brandon Mierzwa, the leader of Matachewan who had been planning a Matachewanian movement to regain independence from Groponigën. Peter, intrigued by the movement soon supported it, however Premier Kazarian had found out and in fear of Peter's action damaging Soverian relations with Groponigën, Kazarian removed Warren from the office of General-Secretary on 12 March 2019. Eventually after news had broken out about Peter's open support for Matachewan this had tarnished Soveria's reputation which caused many citizens to revoke their citizenships eventually leaving only the Premier and Head of the Armed Forces as the remaining citizens.

The nation became a husk of its former self with very little citizens left and no armed forces personnel, aside from the Head of the Armed Forces. Eventually it was decided that the Premier should resign from his position Premier Kazarian officially resigned on 23 March 2019, at 1:13 AM, Eastern Standard Time. The Premier disappeared from micronational politics, Peter Warren had left for Matachewan to start a new political career, and the Head of the Armed Forces left for unspecified reasons.


The Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic was restructured on 1 November of 2020.This was led by a member of the original state, who wanted to restructure the nation, it has focused on recreating its own identity. Primarily based in Ohio, Soveria has a long way to go before it will ever truly be able to support itself but looks to the future with optimism and positivity.


On the 18th of December, the Chancellor made a statement stating that the nation was effectively abolished,

"Statement By The Chancellor

Good Afternoon. This statement is to all citizens within the Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Several weeks ago our Premier went MIA and the CEC created the Office of the Chancellor to effectivly replace the Premier until his return. After several weeks of no response from the Premier and lack of activity within the Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic the CEC has therefore decided to effectivly declare the Soverian Soviet Socialist Republic defunct effective immediately.

We here at the CEC thank you for your continued support but we realize that as there is no functioning government the nation can no longer continue. We again, thank you for your understanding and commitments but until the Premier returns all government functions will cease and the CEC will declare the nation defunct.

Furthermore I hereby announce my resignation from all current positions that I curently hold. Except the Central Executive Committee position.

Signed, Bryce Chancellor of Soveria, Director of the Central Executive Committee"


Unlike many socialist states, the People's Republic of Soveria is based around collective leadership, as to prevent a one-man-dominance over the political system. Though it is formally a one-party state, "sub-parties" can be established with permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and can go against the accepted "stance" of the government. The Council of People's Commissars and the Congress of People's Deputies make up the legislative branch of Soveria and carry out the functions associated with their station, with the Central Executive Committee serving as the executive branch of the micronation. Elections are carried out by secret ballot, to prevent voter intimidation and blackmailing. The votes elect members to the two chambers, and from there they can advance their career by joining a ministry, or by simply cementing their position in the Communist Party of Soveria (abbreviated to CPS.)

Politics and Government Cont.

The executive of Soveria is made up of the Chancellor of Soveria, Central Executive Committee of which the Chancellor of Soveria is the Chair of.