Matachewanian Armed Forces

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MAF, Matachewanian Armed Forces
Matachewan Armed Forces Flag.png
Founded30 June 2015
Service branchesRMA, RMN, RMAF, MRG, MCB, MCM, MFL
HeadquartersOblate City
King of MatachewanKing Brandon I
General InspectorMarshal Beau Edwards
Military age10 - 45
Active personnel6 (Locals)
Reserve personnel7 (Locals)
Budget$60.00 CAD
Domestic suppliersOblate City Workshop, Fraser Workshop
Foreign suppliersZHP Warehouse and Store
Annual importsZHP Uniforms and gunpowder
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HistoryRobertson Sea Conflict, Battle of Williamsburg

The Matachewanian Armed Forces (MAF) was originally founded on the 30 June 2015, but its modern form was created on the 3 August 2018.

The Matachewanian Armed Forces is funded and overseen by the Matachewanian Ministry of Defense and directed by HM Brandon I as commander-in-chief who leads and commands local and global forces. The rest of Matachewan's Armed Forces are lead by Marshal Beau Edwards and Council of Generals.

Roles and Composition

The current roles of the Matachewanian Armed Forces are regular policing of local territories, defense of national borders and micronational peace keeping missions in Ontario. The entirety of the armed forces are commanded and headed by His Majesty Brandon I.



The Matachewanian Armed Forces was founded on 30 June 2020 as an armed wing of the original government of Matachewan. The Matachewanian Armed Forces in its early years never actually supported any units and was temporarily replaced during the Matachewanian Civil War by a Peoples Militia comprised of student volunteers.

Eventually after the Matachewanian Civil War when Matachewan fell into complete inactivity the armed forces was not seen again until 3 August 2018.

Modern Matachewan 2018 - Present

The Matachewanian Armed Forces was restored on 3 August 2018 under the revived national independence of Matachewan. It originally held many globalist ideals and even took place in fictional wars however, since May 2019 the Matachewanian Armed Forces has moved away from global military activities and only works locally within Matachewan's territorial claims and colonies.

Robertson Sea Conflict

Matachewanian Armed Neutrality

After the whole fiasco in 2018 involving online micronational conflicts and a fictional online war, the Matachewanian government decided to move towards neutrality, however this did not last long due to growing instability inside Matachewan and the eventual occupation that followed suit.

Matachewanian Independence Uprising

On 23 March 2019 after 2 months of Gropenigen occupation the Matachewanian government united and formed the short lived 4th Kingdom of Matachewan, complete with a territorial militia. Eventually due to the rearmament of Matachewan, Brandon Mierzwa and Peter Warren were taken to court and exiled from Gropenigen and were forced to dissolve Matachewan. Eventually after a week of constant fighting back and forth in court and discord DMs the Matachewanian official decided that they would just go off and create Matachewan since Gropenigen couldn't do anything due to them being located in Sweden. Once Matachewan was revived the militia was replaced by a formal volunteer army and the Matachewanian Armed Forces was officially restored.

Military Localization Projects

Battle of Williamsburg

Local Only Policy

Establishment of the Matachewanian Colonial Militia Program

End of Matachewanian Militarism

Possible Return and Future Plans

Equipment and Designs




Branches of the Matachewanian Armed Forces
Branch Information Logo Lead Personnel Locations Units
Royal Matachewanian Army Must be between the ages of 10 - 45. The Matachewanian Army is the main branch of the Matachewanian Armed Forces. Matachewan Armed Forces Flag.png Jessica Mierzwa Six Local (Central Matachewan) 1st Oblate City Infantry
Royal Matachewanian Navy Must be between the ages of 14 - 45. The Matachewanian Navy is primarily tasked with watching Matachewanian shores. Fairly inactive due to lack of threats. Matachewan Naval Flag.png Brandon Mierzwa One Local (Central Matachewan) Matachewanian Capital Fleet
Colonial Units This is a loosely organized branch that is made up of independent colonial militias tasked to defend Matachewanian colonies. Colonial Officers (No central leader) Colonial Militias (No central units) Global (Matachewanian Colonies) N/A

General Staff


Ranks (Army)

Commissioned Ranks (Army)

Royal Matachewanian Army
Marshal of Matachewan General Broni General Brygady Grand Pulkownik Major Kapitan Szczepowy Podchorazy
Marshal of Matachewan(Army).png

Matachewan General Broni(Army).png

Matachewanian General Brygady(Army).png

Matachewanian Grand Pulkownik(Army).png

Matachewanian Major(Army).png

Matachewanian Kapitan(Army).png

Matachewanian Szeczpowy(Army).png

Matachewanian Podchoray(Army).png

Enlisted Ranks (Army)