House of Mierzwa

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House of Mierzwa
Country Kingdom of Matachewan
Current headStefan Mierzwa (de jure)
Brandon Mierzwa (de facto)
Founding30 July 2015
Dissolution26 July 2021 (de facto)

The House of Mierzwa was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Matachewan between 2015 and 2021 and was the only de-facto ruling house of Matachewan with some controversial hiccups which have later been largely denounced.


The shield of the royal coat of arms of the House of Mierzwa and the arms of dominion for Matachewan is blazoned Gules, an eagle Argent displayed and crowned or. This coincides intentionally with the coat of arms of Poland which is derived from the coat of arms assumed by the House of Piast. The lawfulness of copying the arms of Poland has been justified with using a different eagle than present-day Poland however in accordance with heraldic practice can be considered heraldic fraud.

The royal arms were surrounded by the Order of King Brandon I and surmounted by the royal crown. During most of its use it did not display the black bear supporters used by the state. These have later have been attributed in light of its overall status as an arms of dominion


The current list of members only represents the Mierzwa line descendant from Ludwik Mierzwa (1903–1975), great-great grandfather of the incumbent Brandon I.

  • Ludwik Mierzwa (1903–1975) m. Maria Gudyka (1906–1998)
    • HRH Stefan Mierzwa (born 1932) m. Eugenia Mnich (b. 1938)
    • Zdeclaw Mierzwa (1928 - 1928)
      • HRH Jan Mierzwa (born 1957) m. Iwona Miklaszewska (b. 1963)
      • Marian Mierzwa (b. 1961) m. Ann Mierzwa (Maiden Name Unkown) (b. ?)
        • HRH Andrew Mierzwa (born 1982) m. Nicole Gautheir (b. 1986)
        • HRH Peter Mierzwa (b. 1990) m. Laura Simpson (b. ?)
          • HRH Jakub Mierzwa (b. 2019)
        • HRH Michael Mierzwa (b. 1992)

Bold - Males born into the house directly related to Brandon I

Regular Font - Siblings, Cousins, Uncles, Wives...


The furthest recorded Male of the House of Mierzwa is a direct ancestor of Brandon, his great-x3 grandfather, a man by the name of Wawrzyniec Mierzwa (1878–1914), who was a descendant from minor Polish nobility and owned land in Austro-Hungarian Galicia. The paternal line from Wawrzyniec to Brandon looks like this.:

  • Wawrzyniec Mierzwa (1878–1914)
  • Ludwik Mierzwa (1903–1975)
  • Stefan Mierzwa (1932–Present)
  • Jan Mierzwa (1957–Present)
  • Andrew Mierzwa (1982–Present)
  • Brandon Mierzwa (2005–Present)

The House of Mierzwa can be traced back to the Polish-Luthuanian Commonwealth; however, most documents have been lost or were never created. Brandon's grandmother, Iwona Miklaszewska, is a distant descendant from the Polish House of Miklaszewski.