Culture of Matachewan

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The culture of the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan is predominantly based upon Polish culture. Most citizens of Matachewan are of Polish-Canadian descent.


The culture of Matachewan is based upon numerous cultures, including Polish culture, Canadian culture and American culture.


English and Polish are the official languages of Matachewan, with French, Russian and Ukranian being recognized languages within Matachewanian borders. The reason for English and Polish being chosen as official languages is due to the fact that numerous citizens of Matachewan, including Brandon Mierzwa, the incumbent King, are of Polish and Canadian descent. In addition, English is the primary or secondary language of all citizens of Matachewan.


A dinner of Brandon Mierzwa, with fish caught within northern Matachewan.

Matachewan cuisine is inspired off of Polish and Canadian cuisine, with the most popular foods being:


Matachewanian holidays consist primarily of Christian holidays(such as Easter and Christmas), in addition to Polish Independence Day, the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising and the anniversary of the Matachewanian Radio Scandal.


Matachewanian media is divided between the government-owned MatachewanGov[b] and the privately-owned Lokin Productions[c], which is owned by Nicholas Lokin and is headquartered within the Kingdom of Humberlea.


The official religions of Matachewan are Roman Catholicism, the religious majority, and Judaism. In addition, Matachewan is divided amongst smaller religious minorities, such as: